Student Fees Policy - Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

It is an Australian Government visa requirement that international students [1] studying on a student visa have compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of their student visa.

10.1 Arrangements for commencing students (i.e. enrolled from 2008 onwards)

Monash University requires all international students on a student visa to purchase visa length cover at the time of accepting their offer. The Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for student visa application will not be issued until:

  • the OSHC payment has been received (along with fee deposit payment); or
  • proof has been submitted that visa length OSHC has been purchased with an approved Australian OSHC provider of your choice; or
  • approved documentation has been submitted for exemption from payment of OSHC.

Visa length OSHC ensures that students are compliant with the conditions of their student visa and ensures they have access to affordable medical and hospital treatment while studying in Australia. Upfront payment of visa length OSHC avoids annual premium increases and offers substantial savings. Monash University’s preferred OSHC provider, Overseas Student Health Cover provided by Allianz Global Assistance offers competitive premiums, quality service and excellent customer care.

Note: Payments received from international students will be allocated in the following priority:

  1. OSHC (funds may be taken from your tuition fee payment to pay for your visa length OSHC)
  2. tuition fees (in the order of MUELC, Monash College, Monash University).

10.2 Transitional arrangements for continuing students (pre-2008)

Continuing international students are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of their OSHC. These students may renew their existing OSHC annually or purchase the visa length cover for the remainder of their student visa. Declaration of having valid OSHC is required as part of the re-enrolment process (e.g. via WES or Monash Graduate Education). Failure to maintain a valid OSHC is a breach of the student visa conditions and may lead to the cancellation of the student’s visa.

10.3 Refund of OSHC payment

  1. Full refund - prior to student’s arrival in Australia: apply through Monash University.
  2. Pro rata refund - usage calculated from student’s date of arrival in Australia. Only permitted in circumstances where an enrolled student has chosen another OSHC provider or has gained entitlement of an approved scheme (proof of cover/documentation to be submitted) or student has discontinued from Monash University: apply through Overseas Student Health Cover provided by Allianz Global Assistance.

Note: Some Belgian, Norwegian, Swedish and other specific cohorts of international students are exempted from OSHC payments as they have approved schemes sourced by their government.

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