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The New Colombo Plan

The New Colombo Plan (NCP) is a signature Australian Government initiative, designed to uplift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific by supporting Australian undergraduates in pursuing studies and internships in this region.

Under this initiative, hundreds of students participated in and completed the GIG program from across India, Indonesia, Fiji, Samoa and Vanuatu.

The NCP has facilitated an extraordinary partnership between Monash University and the Australian Government, enabling the mobilisation of a new generation of young leaders, and equipping them with the invaluable skills, knowledge and networks to collaboratively address challenges alongside our key regional partners.

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Ryan Howarth (GIG Indonesia 2022)

What makes GIG so unique?

"The connections that they have with industry leaders and even members of government and having them come to us to speak about things was really powerful and it did truly make the educational experience a much much richer one." Ryan Howarth is an NCP recipient.

Annabelle Reiger (GIG India 2018)

Why did you choose to go on the GIG program?

"At the time, India was offered as one of the host countries, and I saw this as an unmissable opportunity. I had heard about the fascinating culture in India and I was eager to explore it. GIG provided a safe and supportive environment to visit a country I had never been to before. I was also excited to learn and explore with a group of like-minded people who were seeking a similar experience to me."

Cassandra Rukweza (GIG Fiji 2022)

What is the best part about GIG?

"I’ve made so many genuine friendships and connections. It’s going to be difficult to leave them. I think there’s going to be a couple of tears shed, I know on my part." Cassandra Rukweza is an NCP recipient.

Romario Pose (GIG Italy 2020)

What are you doing now and how did GIG contribute to this?

"I am currently a Diaspora Relations Officer with the Ministry of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in Samoa. GIG gave me the experience of meeting and interacting with people from around the world which I now apply to my interactions with Samoa Diaspora members around the globe."

Sanjay Selvakumar (GIG India 2022)

What impact has GIG made on you?

"I’ve met friends that I could say I’ll see them everywhere outside of this program as well. They’re friends for life now and I’m grateful for this program." Sanjay Selvakumar is an NCP recipient.

Mardi Gillespie-Dawson (GIG China 2019)

What are you doing now and how did GIG contribute to this?

"I am now working in Data Analytics in professional services so there was somewhat of a change after this experience. During GIG we did touch on the role of data in development and global society, and I think I got an inkling of this exciting possible pathway. I kept up my studies in Conservation Biology and I hope to return to environmental studies down the track, so the inspiration from GIG remains."

Gemma Crosby (GIG India 2018)

What did you learn from the GIG?

"One of the most valuable things that I got out of the program was the friends that I made. I undertook the program with a group of incredible students, many of whom are now some of my closest friends! I also established many valuable connections with people from the different organisations we worked with, and I still keep in touch with them today."

Imogen Kane (GIG Italy 2019)

What is your advice to future GIG students?

"You should absolutely give it a go. Much like anything at University or in life, you only get out what you put in. So, take up the adventure, go with an open mind and prepare to have assumptions (you didn’t know you had) challenged. I highly recommend taking advantage of every opportunity, no matter if it aligns with a linear career path or not, and letting it be a launchpad for questions, passions, and networks."

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