About the unit

This is your opportunity to join a generation of innovators and change-makers that have the industry experience to stand at the forefront of commercial or social enterprises.

About the Monash Innovation Guarantee (MIG)

The Monash Innovation Guarantee (MIG) (MON2750 / MON3750) is a 3-week intensive interdisciplinary summer unit (January), designed in partnership with your industry partner, with a goal to equip you with the skills and mindset you'll need to lead innovative solutions to the significant issues of our time.

This unit is open to second and third-year students, and we welcome enrolments directly into the unit from September 2023.

  • Second year student's unit code: MON2750
  • Third year student's unit code: MON3750

When will the unit run?

MIG will run in person, from Monday 22 January -  Wednesday 7 February 2024.

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Open to students across all faculties

MIG is designed to be relevant to everyone, no matter your degree or professional aspirations. In a changing world, whether you’re a founder or an employee, you’ll need to be an innovative and adaptable life-long learner. Learn more about eligibility requirements before you enrol in the unit.

We need change agents and problem-solvers like you to find solutions to big issues for industry and society, like climate change and rising inequality.

Structure of the unit

You'll work in a small team to deliver a purpose-driven solution to a real-world challenge set by an industry partner organisation, ranging from commercial or social enterprises, a government or UN agency, or a start-up company.

You'll be coached through an innovation process used by the most successful global companies, and in your teams, you'll each apply your disciplinary expertise to design a solution. You'll have regular presentations, industry check-ins, progress checks and advice from your coach to help you design your solution.

Skills development and learnings from the MIG

The MIG embeds industry experience, innovation and entrepreneurship skills into your degree, increasing your employability and your impact. You’ll develop a range of transferable skills and mindsets, such as:

  • pitching and speakership,
  • adaptive leadership,
  • teamwork,
  • ideation and testing,
  • negotiation, and stakeholder engagement.

You’ll learn how to apply your disciplinary knowledge and skills, in combination with innovation processes. In this way, you’ll learn how to approach real-world issues for industry.

Eligibility and how to enrol in the MIG