RED is your opportunity to connect with a generation of innovators who are at the forefront of creating change. We invite you to explore research at Monash and develop key skills to help you shape a positive future for yourself and future communities.

About Research, Experimentation and Discovery (RED)

RED (MON2500 / MON3500) is an intensive interdisciplinary unit, designed in partnership with various researchers and their respective labs, centres and institutes across Monash University. RED invites you to explore these interdisciplinary research narratives and respond to the global challenges of our time.

This unit is open to second and third-year students, and we welcome enrolments directly into the unit between Monday 10 April - Monday 12 June 2023. While RED is open to second and third-year students, we encourage students in the latter stages of their degree - and those considering research careers - to apply.

RED is committed to addressing the under-representation of traditionally marginalised groups in research. All students should feel invited and are welcome to bring their ‘whole selves’ to this experience, including women, diverse genders, sexes and sexualities, First Nations Australians, people of colour and other minority ethnic communities.

Open to students across all faculties

RED is designed to be inclusive and relevant to all Monash students, regardless of your degree or professional aspirations. We invite you to explore interdisciplinary research that connects with your current field of study and goes beyond it!

You are part of a generation that will lead change, individually and collectively, and RED will give you the skills to make that happen. We encourage all undergraduate students to apply for the RED experience.

You can enrol in the RED unit and start your interdisciplinary research project in June 2023, if you:

  • Are enrolled in an eligible degree
  • Have completed at least 36 credit points of study in any discipline, and
  • Have at least 6 points of elective credit available.

If you satisfy all of the above requirements, you can enrol in RED through WES today.

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Structure of the unit

In research, learning doesn’t just occur in tutorial rooms or lecture theatres. Instead, we discover and learn by ‘doing’ - by thoroughly interrogating our ideas with our peers, ‘hacking’ prototypes or iterating experiments in a lab. In RED, expect to learn by ‘doing’, alongside both peers and guiding staff.

You’ll work in a small team to explore a demand-driven research challenge set by a collaborating research partner that is aligned with the global challenges of our time.

These include:

  • Climate change
  • Geopolitical security
  • Thriving communities

Merge your diverse expertise and perspectives together to develop a strategy to translate research into practice, with the aim of creating real-world research impact and change. You’ll have regular presentations, mentoring and progress checks from guest researchers as you navigate this challenge.

Skills development and learnings from RED

RED connects interdisciplinary research practice and impact through challenge-based learning into your degree, giving you the chance to explore research and increase your employability.

Even if you don’t pursue research as a career, RED will help you stand out from the crowd and develop a range of transferable skills and mindsets, such as:

  • Complex problem-solving, critical thinking and analysis
  • Creativity, originality and initiative
  • Reasoning and ideation
  • Active learning and learning strategies
  • Leadership and social influence
  • Technology use and design, monitoring and control

You’ll learn how to apply your disciplinary knowledge and skills, in combination with innovative research processes, to take on demand-driven research challenges both across the industry and University.

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