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The Ian Potter Centre for Performing Arts, 48 Exhibition Walk, Clayton campus


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9068 6150

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Script offers a sophisticated bistro and superb bar for the Monash community.

Our menu is predominantly Italian in style and uses seasonal produce, sourced locally where possible, to create simple yet delicious menus.

Our wine list offers a wide range 'by the glass' and features organic, biodynamic and vegan wines. We also stock a range of liqueurs and aperitifs, and sport a cocktail list which has been designed in-house.

We also specialise in producing beautifully catered food. Contact us for exceptional party and event options.

Happy hour: cocktail bar and draught beer/cider, Mon–Fri, 4–6pm

Dining: Two hours before any programmed, ticketed performance in any of the four main venues

Foyer bars: One hour before a performance – venue specific

Functions and events: Available every day, excluding Christmas Day



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