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Ageing infrastructure

We don’t want a future where neglected infrastructure risks people’s lives.


Long-standing structures are in constant need of repair, and could topple at any time. Build-Aid is the affordable answer to all your corrosion woes. A two-metre-long adhesive strip designed to hold fast, it’s available in packs of 10. Apply Build-Aid to any crumbling structure and watch it retain its integrity, at least temporarily.

Today's ageing infrastructure challenge

Effective planning and management is crucial in maximising economic efficiencies, productivity and the life-cycle of infrastructure. Cost-cutting in maintenance budgets, and lack of innovation in developing stronger and more sustainable methods of building can have serious economic impact and cause the loss of lives.

This future shouldn't exist; we're changing it

  • Monash Infrastructure

    Researchers from our Monash Infrastructure department specialise in the areas of transport, water, structures, information and communications, and planning and management. They provide expert knowledge and expertise to develop solutions to make the world’s existing and new infrastructure more cost-effective, environmentally sustainable, reliable and resilient.

  • A Different Lens: Designing future cities

    Can Australia handle future population growth by designing smarter cities? With migration to Australia exceeding forecasts and a growing ageing population, the rate of technological innovation in homes and cities needs to be prioritised, using smart technology to put people first.

  • The real cost of not maintaining infrastructure

    Bridges aren’t set-and-forget pieces of infrastructure, but, in a structural sense, are living and breathing systems. Read more from senior lecturer Colin Caprani.