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Air pollution

We don’t believe in a future where people can’t go outside.

Today's air pollution challenge

With the world’s population continuing to grow, and our lack of action on affordable and clean energy, the air’s becoming toxic. If we continue at this rate, our oxygen won’t be fit to breathe without significant risks to our health.

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This future shouldn't exist; we're changing it

  • Agent of Change: Narayanan Ramakrishnan

    Some rocked the boat. Others have changed the game. All have made an impact. At Monash we recognise those making great change.

    Associate Professor Narayanan Ramakrishnan is creating wearable sensors to detect pollutants which could potentially save lives.

  • Resources Engineering at Monash

    Resources engineers design and implement systems that supply the natural resources required for modern industry and society. This includes both physical - minerals, metals and other commodities and energy resources - solar, wind, hydropower and geothermal resources.

    Hear from student, Nicholas, about his passion for renewable energy and why he chose to study Resources Engineering at Monash.