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Human rights violations

We don’t believe in a future where slavery should exist.


MiSlave is an app that facilitates the global enslavement and allocation of people throughout supply chains. Hosted by countries that ignore their obligations under international laws, MiSlave guarantees the cheapest labour at the touch of a button.

Today's human rights challenge

Slavery isn’t a relic of the past. It’s happening now, under our noses. More than 40 million people are today in some form of modern slavery, which includes human trafficking, and practices such as servitude, forced labour and debt bondage.

This future shouldn't exist; we're changing it

  • Trafficking and Slavery Research Group

    Monash has led the investigation of human trafficking and slavery-like practices and responses in the Asia-Pacific and across Europe for the past decade. Our researchers have made substantial contributions to UN programs addressing safe migration and fair labour for migrant workers, and to the monitoring of national and international commitments to human trafficking and slavery-like practices.

    In 2019, the Trafficking and Slavery Research Group was established to consolidate research expertise across the arts and business faculties. This group is leading the charge on measuring impact, not just compliance, in business efforts to report under Australia's Modern Slavery Act, which enshrines in law a corporate supply chain transparency mechanism.

  • Modern Slavery Law Clinic

    Established in 2019, the Modern Slavery Law Clinic provides legal assistance to those who lack the resources or the expertise to seek justice.

  • A Different Lens: Exposing modern slavery

    About 40.3 million people worldwide are currently in some form of modern slavery – children in sweatshops, debt bondage, forced marriage, sexual exploitation and human trafficking. So how do we hold people and states responsible? Watch this episode of A Different Lens to learn more.

  • The hidden face of modern slavery

    Professor Jean Allain
    The Faculty of Law’s Professor Jean Allain discusses the hidden face of modern slavery in this Lens article.

  • Australia's Modern Slavery Act: what does it mean?

    Associate Professor Marie Segrave from the Faculty of Arts shares her insights into the Modern Slavery Act and what it means for our country.