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Identity theft

We don’t believe in a future where your identity can be stolen with ease.

Today's identity theft challenge

Facial recognition technologies mean your identity’s no longer safe. In a rapidly changing online data ecosphere, we’re constantly looking for ways to keep our personal information secure.

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This future shouldn't exist; we're changing it

  • Agent of Change: Wong Kok Sheik

    Some rocked the boat. Others have changed the game. All have made an impact. At Monash we recognise those making great change.

    Associate Professor Wong Kok Sheik is encrypting content to stop hackers from getting our personal information.

  • Facial recognition

    Your face and, subsequently, identity are no longer secure. Your likeness can be swiftly scanned and replicated with ease.

    Professor Liz Campbell is a global expert in corporate and organised crime, corruption and biometric evidence. Her research looks at the relationship between society and the law, and involves a comparative dimension. Professor Campbell is working to help regulate and safeguard facial recognition technology to ensure it remains a valuable tool in assisting police with criminal investigations, counter-terrorism operations and border control.

    Monash Lens is home to expert commentary and stories from our academics and researchers who are helping to change the world, just like Professor Campbell.