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Lack of drinkable water

We’re working with international teams to deliver, protect and purify sources of drinking water.

Vintage Water

Fresh aqua is a luxury of the past. Vintage Water is H2O bottled at a time when Earth’s liquid gold was in its purest form. These prized bottles are the last troves of uncontaminated water in the world, and only enjoyed by those able to afford the eye-watering price tags.

Today's water challenge

Globally, water systems are facing the pressures of climate change and urban expansion. Cities are experiencing droughts, floods and degrading waterways. We need to find solutions to these life-threatening issues.

This future shouldn't exist; we're changing it

  • Water-sensitive cities

    Our Art, Design and Architecture researchers are exploring how urban development methods can be tailored to achieve water-sensitive outcomes through the Water Sensitive Cities project.

  • Safe, clean drinking water

    Monash Engineering – in an international collaboration with CSIRO, University of Melbourne and University of Texas at Austin – has developed technology that can filter contaminants from groundwater and industrial wastewater to provide safe, clean drinking water in developing countries, and protect the natural environment from industrial water pollution.

  • Reducing single-use plastic

    Monash graduate Jonathan Byrt
    Monash Business School graduate Jonathan Byrt founded memobottle™, a premium, reusable, flat water bottle designed to reduce the effect that single-use plastic water bottles are having on our oceans and environment. In partnership with, his team has also managed to provide one person with two months of clean water for every bottle sold – which has equated to more than three million days of clean water to those in need.

  • Sustainable Development Institute

    Read about the Monash University Sustainable Development Institute projects, which address the challenges of providing clean water, sanitation and flood protection for impoverished urban communities.

  • Developing clean, pure water

    Professor Xiwang Zhang
    Professor Xiwang Zhang, from Monash University’s Department of Chemical Engineering, has discovered a way to develop clean, pure water using only sunlight and a few cheap materials. Just one square metre of the system could generate between six and eight litres of water a day, with almost 100 per cent salt removal.