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Lack of fresh food

We don’t believe in a future where our only food source is artificial.

Nutrient Blocks

Disease, climate change and unsustainable farming has decimated nature’s bounty. Now, Nutrient Blocks are here to fill the void. Made from the finest artificial ingredients, Nutrient Blocks come ready-to-eat in a range of hard-gel textures. With flavours including pea and potato, it’s your supplement-filled breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day.

Today's food challenge

We're potentially just one disease outbreak away from global starvation. With the current rate of climate change, in 50 years’ time we won’t be able to make a decent loaf of bread out of wheat because it won't have enough protein in the grain.

This future shouldn't exist; we're changing it

  • ClimateWorks Australia Land Use
    Futures project

    Co-founded by Monash University and the Myer Foundation, ClimateWorks Australia has established the Land Use Futures project to address how Australia can provide healthy and sustainable food for a growing population while achieving net zero emissions. The program works collaboratively with a range of research, industry and government partners to assist with the transition to a sustainable food and land-use system.

  • Achieving food sustainability

    Professor Ros Gleadow
    Monash scientists are addressing the issues of food security and the impact of climate change on the nutritional value of plants such as cassava, a staple for millions worldwide. The research aims to understand the genetic profiles of these crops and how they respond to extreme weather, with a view to improve their nutritional value while also identifying alternative food sources that will save millions of lives.

  • A Different Lens: Is our future sustainable?

    As the planet’s resources continue to diminish, we must look to research, innovation and collaboration to deliver a sustainable world for future generations.

    From energy storage solutions and smart urban planning, to a guaranteed food supply in a world of climate change, Monash researchers and industry experts offer insights into the solutions to ensure a sustainable future.