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Lack of urban planning

We don’t believe in a future where cities are poorly thought-out.

Today's urban planning challenge

With ever expanding cities, overpopulation and scarce resources, effective urban planning is crucial. Cities are becoming too small and need expanding, therefore urban planning is one the most important fields of creating safe and efficient settlements.

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This future shouldn't exist; we're changing it

  • Monash Urban Lab

    The Monash Urban Lab distinguishes itself through its unique integration of practice-based design and urban planning research. The Lab combines multi-scalar architectural design investigations with policy studies focussed on transitioning to sustainable and equitable urban environments and communities at city and regional scales

    Professor Carl Grodach is director of the Monash Urban Lab, and his research areas include community and economic development, cultural planning and policy, strategic planning, and precinct-level urban revitalisation

    Monash Lens is home to expert commentary and stories from our academics and researchers who are helping to change the world, just like Professor Grodach.

  • Agent of Change: Nicole Kalms

    Some rocked the boat. Others have changed the game. All have made an impact. At Monash we recognise those making great change.

    Find out how Dr Nicole Kalms is making cities safer for women through gender-sensitive design.

  • A Different Lens: Designing future cities

    Can Australia handle future population growth by designing smarter cities? With migration to Australia exceeding forecasts, and a growing ageing population, the rate of technological innovation in homes and cities needs to be prioritised, putting people first.