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Natural environmental crisis

We don't believe in a future where our planet’s on the brink of destruction due to climate change.

Today's natural environmental crisis challenge

Rapid, human-induced climate change is a major environmental issue, and one of the greatest threats to the long-term future of the Great Barrier Reef – and our planet.

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This future shouldn't exist; we're changing it

  • Preserving coral reefs

    Professor Douglas MacFarlane
    With more than 25 years’ experience in the field of cryopreservation, Professor Douglas MacFarlane from the Faculty of Science is using cryogenic freezing to preserve coral reefs from extinction and repopulate extinct species in the future.

    Monash Lens is home to expert commentary and stories from our academics and researchers who are helping to change the world, just like Professor MacFarlane.

  • A Different Lens: Is our future sustainable?

    As the planet’s resources diminish, we need more research, innovation and collaboration to deliver a sustainable world for future generations.

    From energy storage solutions and smart urban planning, to ensuring a steady food supply in a world of climate change, Monash researchers and industry experts offer insights into the solutions to guarantee a sustainable future.

  • Agent of Change: Anna Skarbek

    Some rocked the boat. Others have changed the game. All have made an impact. At Monash we recognise those making great change.

    Anna Skarbek is the CEO of ClimateWorks and a Monash Alumna. She is leading the way for real-world emissions reductions, working with a diverse range of industries with the aim of achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050.