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Overburdened health system

Monash plays a leading role in the emerging field of digital health.

Today's overburdened health system challenge

Healthcare costs are dramatically increasing. In an age when people expect sufficient access to advanced healthcare and better health outcomes, our hospitals are overcrowded and health professionals can’t keep up with the influx of patients. A lack of funding and resources has resulted in fundamental failures in our healthcare systems.

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This future shouldn't exist; we're changing it

  • A Different Lens: Digital Health - The New Frontier of Healthcare

    From drones that deliver blood in Rwanda, to blockchain health records in Estonia it is clear to see that the role of technology in healthcare is growing and changing.

    But how these systems and tools are being implemented varies greatly depending on the government, region and resources. In this episode of A Different Lens we explore Digital Health globally, from business efficacies to social media health care platforms we ask the question; will digital health improve our lives or complicate them?

  • Design thinking

    Art Design & Architecture researchers are using design thinking to measure the experience and clinical care outcomes of patients to create a more effective and positive discharge experience, leading to an improved quality of care and a reduction of readmissions.

    Professor Daphne Flynn is Director of Design Health Collab, Monash Art, Design and Architecture’s Health and Wellbeing lab. Daphne works to encourage collaboration with university researchers, industry partners and medical bodies. Whether the challenge is considering the ergonomics and ease of use of medtech devices or creating better patient experiences in healthcare organisations, design can play a central role in facilitating innovation and change.

    Monash Lens is home to expert commentary and stories from our academics and researchers who are helping to change the world, just like Professor Flynn.