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The Monash Students Intercultural Lab Research Team (MSILRT) proudly presents ‘More diversity, More success: Can intercultural diversity create a more rewarding workplace?’ This event brings together panelists from a variety of organisations to discuss the role of intercultural diversity in workplaces, how it shapes them, and how it will influence the future of work.

9.30 – 11.30am
H4, Menzies Building, Clayton
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Star Trek depicts work as utopia whilst Black Mirror reveals a more disturbing future. What are some of the possible futures that science fiction depicts for work, and humanity more generally? This event will feature academics from the humanities, IT and health, along with a science fiction author.

Join us for an engaging discussion, Q&A, and a BBQ afterwards.

12–1pm, followed by a free BBQ
H4, Menzies Building, Clayton
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  • Professor Mark Andrejevic
    School of Media, Film & Journalism

    Professor Mark Andrejevic is an academic in the Faculty of Arts at Monash. His research interests encompass digital media, surveillance and data mining in the digital era.

    He believes that the academy has an important role to play in finding new ways to take advantage of new technologies whilst preserving a commitment to democratic values and social justice.

  • Amanda Pillar
    Award-winning editor and author

    Amanda Pillar is an USA Today Bestselling author and award-winning editor.

    She has had numerous short stories published and has co-edited the fiction anthologies Voices (2008), Grants Pass (2009), The Phantom Queen Awakes (2010), Scenes from the Second Storey (2010), Ishtar (2011), and Damnation and Dames (2012).

  • Professor Jon McCormack
    SensiLab Director

    Jon McCormack is an Australian-based artist and researcher in computing. His research interests include generative art, design and music, computer creativity, visualisation, virtual reality, interaction design, machine learning, developmental models and physical computing.

    Jon is also Professor of Computer Science at Monash University’s Faculty of Information Technology and currently an ARC Future Fellow.

  • Dr Evie Kendal
    Lecturer at Deakin University

    Dr Evie Kendal works as a Lecturer in Bioethics and Health Humanities at Deakin University.

    Her research interests include ethical dilemmas in emerging reproductive biotechnologies, bio- and necropolitics, public health ethics, and the impact of representations of health professionals in popular culture on medical education and practice.

Networking for Success

Networking – everyone talks about it, but how do you do it well? Networking offers great opportunities to identify job openings, meet prospective employers, gain insight into industries, build professional relationships, and develop connections that may serve you well in cultivating your future career. It is a vital part of career planning and ongoing employment success!

12 – 1:30pm
S11, 16 Rainforest Walk, Clayton
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Define and align your personal values proposition

With the rise of the gig economy, social enterprises and ever the changing international job market, it’s more important now than ever, to define your personal values. In this two hour interactive workshop, we’ll give you the tools to identify your personal values and explore how you can align them to career and life decisions.

Marquee outside Building H, Caulfield 
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Integrate Professional Experience into Your Degree

Experience in the workplace helps you plan your future and makes you more attractive to employers. Register for a workshop relevant to your degree and hear from staff and students about how to organise your next placement.

Arts - Sourcing your own placement
G03, Learning and Teaching Building, Clayton
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Art Forum

Architecture is an ideal discipline to visualise and engage with some of the most pressing issues of our time: the climate, global warming, big data, and late-capitalism.

At our Art Forum, Sam Spurr and Eduardo Kairuz present ‘Minefields’ - a project that looks at current societal challenges, and how architecture and critical spatial practice can help.

G1.04, Building G, Caulfield
No registration required, simply show up to G1.04 to attend

Be Your Own Boss: Entrepreneurship Workshop

This workshop provides an overview of the key elements of setting up a new business particularly as a ‘Solopreneur’ as well as how to deepen your entrepreneurial skills for your future career. Run by an experienced Entrepreneur, it also covers the skills needed, and foundations of starting a business, and where to find help, and how to build a pipeline of work while studying.

2 – 3:30 pm
S11, 16 Rainforest Walk, Clayton
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Sci-Fiction Film Double Feature cinema screening

A night out with friends with a twist of deep thinking. What do movies have to teach us about Artificial Intelligence? Presented in partnership with the Monash Film Society, and including free snacks, this double feature includes Her (2013) and Ex Machina (2014).

5pm, no cost
Campus Cinema, Ground Floor, 21 Chancellors Walk, Campus Centre, Clayton
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