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Future Work,
Future Leaders

26 - 31 August 2019

What will your future career look like?

The future of work is unpredictable. Globalisation and emerging technologies are reshaping existing business models and career paths. Many of tomorrow’s jobs and industries are yet to be created.

To succeed and make a difference, you'll require openness to new professional destinations and ways of working. Technology firms will need the expertise of ethicists, sociologists and lawyers. Governments will need the expertise of software engineers, cyber security specialists and data scientists.

This week of events is designed to help you gain knowledge, skills and networks to prepare you for a varied career in a changing world.


  • Industry tours - Monday 26 to Tuesday 27 August
  • Faculty employability events and career development workshops - Monday 26 - Wednesday 28 August
  • Science fiction and the future of work dialogue - Wednesday 28 August
  • Future Work, Future Leaders conference - Thursday 29 August
  • Innovation Bootcamp - Friday 30 August
  • Monash Future Thinkers conference - Saturday 31 August
    (Student-run conference, sponsored by Monash Future Work, Future Leaders)

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