STEMM Women Academic Network - For members

Value of Networking

Networking has been recognised by many as key to career development and success. Meaningful networking can facilitate long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with those in your professional circles, it can support the development of new skill sets, career planning strategies, provide access to knowledge, to gaining new insights as well as forming invaluable mentoring partnerships.

Responses collated as part of membership registrations will further inform the Network's focus over the next couple of years. Please feel free to submit your feedback, suggestions or ideas at anytime to

Our Vision

Empower, Connect, Thrive
  • To have a platform where our voices are heard
  • To become visible role models for others, including future and current students
  • To make connections with colleagues in other departments
  • To foster a culture of inclusion
  • To gain a source of broader support
  • To boost personal confidence
  • To exchange knowledge and experiences on career and promotion strategies
  • To celebrate achievements, recognising milestones

Terms of Reference

Access the STEMM Academic Network Terms of Reference here