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White Ribbon | Activities


White Ribbon Australia video

The Monash Residential Services (MRS) on-campus community have actively supported White Ribbon Australia for several years.

Trisha Prpich, Director MRS has worked with residents to develop a video to promote the on-campus residential communities' support and commitment.

Monash Blues

All those at the Monash Blues are fully committed to supporting the White Ribbon campaign and changing the attitudes and behaviours that lead to men’s violence against women.

The Blues were delighted to form a women’s team in the inaugural VAFA Women’s competition in 2017 and are excited to be involved in the future growth of the game in years to come. The club believes it is imperative they change the perceived culture surrounding football clubs’ attitudes towards women and strive to ensure any person, irrespective of gender, sexuality, race or religion, is welcomed with open arms into the football community.

With support from Monash University, the Monash Blues developed a short video committing their club to the White Ribbon cause. The club recognises that the video is a small but important step in not just raising awareness of the White Ribbon campaign, but in committing them to working towards further integration of women into the club.

'Commit to Respect' activation

In support of the White Ribbon Campaign, Monash University student volunteers hosted two events across Caulfield and Clayton campus affirming the community commitment to respectful relationships and ending violence against women. This event forms pare part of the broader university-wide commitment to the Respect. Now. Always.

The ‘Commit to Respect’ activation in support of White Ribbon involved a pop-up activity inviting guests to write a message on a commitment flags pledging to a daily support of respect to others.

Over time the flags filled the giant white ribbon on the grass at both campuses. This was one of the many ways we can show our support as a community and a campus.

MONSU Caulfield Art Exhibition

Tackling domestic violence requires a community approach and MONSU Caulfield as representatives of the students at Monash Caulfield has made a commitment to stop men’s violence against women.

MONSU Caulfield holds an annual art exhibition in September to increase our conversation around Domestic and Family Violence and empower our community to engage in respectful relationships. Art has the capacity to heal, empower, and increase awareness of a particular issue or campaign. By harnessing our collective creativity, we can promote our commitment to stop men’s violence against women and let young women know that there is hope and help within the Monash Caulfield Community.