Women in Leadership

Advancing women’s careers and supporting their progression to senior roles lies at the forefront of our gender equity strategy. Achieving gender balanced leadership offers many well documented, measurable benefits, including improved organisational performance, increased profitability, stronger employee retention, greater innovation and positive culture.

Despite women making up 57% of Monash staff, their representation in senior roles is yet to reach parity. This challenge is particularly persistent in academic roles where only 37.6% of Associate Professors and Professors are women and where women hold 36% of Faculty leadership roles. We have set an ambitious target to reach 42% of women in senior roles by 2022 and to halve our organisation-wide gender pay gap by the same year.

Our talent management and succession planning strategy recognises the importance of providing structured career development opportunities for our leaders. In addition to our highly successful Women's Mentoring Program (est. 2000), we support women through an extensive suite of leadership programs and tailored learning.

Management Essentials
5 Modules over 5 months
Levels B-C
Leadership IQ - EQ Levels A-C; HEW 8-10 
Impact Through Influence Levels B-C
Emerging Academic Leaders Levels B-C; nominated by Dean
Embracing Your Personal Power for Women
(3 day program; women only)
Level C and above;
HEW 9 and above
Leadership Masterclasses
(Intensive ½ and 1 day workshops that offer intensive skills development)
Level D and above;
HEW 10 and above
Senior Women's Shadowing
6 months duration
Level D and above
HEW 10 and above
Academic Leaders Induction Program
3 day program followed by four coaching sessions
Academic Leaders
Planning Your Next Academic Career Steps
1/2 day workshop
Academic Leaders