Women in Leadership

Advancing women’s careers and supporting their progression to senior roles lies at the forefront of our gender equity strategy. Achieving gender balanced leadership offers many well documented, measurable benefits, including improved organisational performance, increased profitability, stronger employee retention, greater innovation and positive culture.

In 2020, we achieved parity in senior professional roles (HEW 10 and above) and by 2022 increased our representation of women among Associate Professors to 46%. Additionally, 39% of academic leadership roles are held by women and four of the University’s most senior academic roles are filled by women. As we continue to address gender inequities and eliminate systemic barriers to career advancement, we work to promote flexible work, build inclusive workplace culture and provide structured professional development opportunities to support emerging leaders.

Our talent management and succession planning strategy recognises the importance of providing structured career development opportunities for our leaders. In addition to our suite of gender equity programs, we support women through a wide range of leadership programs and tailored learning.

Senior Women's Shadowing
(6 months duration)
Level D and above
HEW 10 and above
Emerging Academic Leaders Program Levels B-C with leadership potential; supported by nomination from Faculty/Institute

Management Essentials
(5 Modules over 5 months)

Tailored for Monash academic and professional managers, this program cover topics: Managing Self / Managing People / Managing the Work / Managing Performance / Managing My Development.

Staff transitioning into management roles
Embracing Your Personal Power for Women
(3 day program; women only)
Level C and above;
HEW 9 and above
Impact Through Influence workshop

Learn how to utilise positive influencing skills to create impact, harness the power of collaboration, facilitate great meetings, and use narratives in communication.
Academic Leaders Levels B-C

Leadership Masterclasses
(Intensive ½ and 1 day workshops that offer intensive skills development)

The Masterclass series delivers skills essential for the challenges of contemporary leadership. The Masterclass offering changes each year.

  • The Ethical Leader
  • The Productive Leader (coming soon)
  • The Collaborative Leader (coming soon)
  • Leadership Presence  (coming soon)

Level D and above;
HEW 10 and above
Foundations of Lab Leadership
(Full Day blended program)
Laboratory Managers and Leaders
New Academic Leader Program
(3 day program followed by four coaching sessions)
Academic Leaders
SPRINGBOARD Women's Development Program

Self assess your strengths and areas for growth, set goals and then work towards developing self confidence and applying the practical skills needed to achieve those goals.