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Enrol at Monash

Congratulations and welcome to Monash University.

After you have accepted your offer and received an Authority to enrol letter, you can start the enrolment steps. We recommend you get started on this as soon as possible.

If you don't have this document, see the help section below on how to accept your offer first.

To enrol in your course, complete all the enrolment steps. You are enrolled once you have entered or confirmed your units and have a transaction number beginning with U.

Step 1: Create your computer account

Your first step is to set up your Monash account. You use it to access your email, timetable, enrolment system, student portal, library resources and more.

We recommend you do this step right away, as it may take a few hours for us to create your account and you need it to go on to the next steps.

To set up your Monash account you need your Monash ID. This is in your offer letter. Make sure you record your Monash student ID and username. You can use the enrolment checklist (pdf, 0.06 mb) for this.

Create your account

Once you create your account, make sure you:

  • record your Monash student ID and username (print out the checklist for this - see the box on the right of the screen)
  • keep a safe record of your password. The service desk can help if you have any problems.

If you have a Monash account from a previous offer, go straight to step 2.

Help with this step

Having trouble with your Monash account?

For any problems creating an account, accessing your email, or forgetting your password, contact the Service Desk for help.

Want to defer or change your course preference?

Deferring your offer

You can apply to defer your start date to another semester. Your request needs to be approved and is not guaranteed. If approved, we'll send you a new offer letter and start date.

If you defer for more than 12 months, we re-assess your offer. You'll need to add details of any academic or work activities you have done since your initial offer.

Changing your course preference

If you have received an offer you can request to change your course preference.

How to apply

To defer or change your course preference, complete the defer/change course preference form (pdf, 0.91 mb) before teaching starts and return it to mu.documents@monash.edu.

Using your Monash account and email

Use your account to access your email, class timetable, my.monash portal, course materials, ask.monash, the library and the Web Enrolment System (WES).

We delete your account if you don't complete your enrolment, so make sure you enrol by the deadline.


Internet access at Monash is provided for academic, research and administrative purposes. While we don't filter any content, when using this service you're expected to follow the acceptable use of IT policy and procedures.


To access your Monash mail account login to my.monash.

Your Monash account is the only email the University will use to communicate with you. You should check it at least twice a week so you don't miss important messages about your enrolment or studies.

Accepting your offer

Before you can enrol in your course, you need to accept your offer and receive an Authority to Enrol. To do this, you need to:

  • return your completed International Student Course Agreement by the due date
  • pay the course fee deposit and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • receive your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE)
  • organise your visa
  • received an Authority to Enrol (we will email this to you 2-3 weeks before enrolment, once you have completed the steps above).

If you need help accepting your offer, you can contact us by email at scenquiries@monash.edu

Important dates

Academic Engagement sessions: 12 - 16 Feb
Orientation Week: 19 - 23 Feb
Classes begin: 26 Feb

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Step 2: Register your details

Using your Monash account, you can now login to register your details in the enrolment system.

In this step you will work your way through the Enrolment Summary screen to:

  • agree to education rules and health cover for overseas students
  • update your contact information
  • fill out the enrolment questionnaire

When you're logged in, click Enrol / Re-Enrol. You'll need to agree to the Student Acknowledgement statement first.

Be sure to record the transaction numbers generated by the system to collect your student ID card. You can print and use the enrolment checklist (pdf, 0.06 mb). The system will also email you the transaction numbers.

Login to register

Help with this step

After you login, here's where to click

View screenshot

Login using the button above:

  • click the Enrolment / Re-enrolment link
  • then agree to the Student Acknowledgement statement.
Enrolment summary screen

View screenshot

Work your way through the first two sections of the Enrolment Summary screen:

  1. Contact details
  2. Enrolment Questionnaire

You need to do each section in order from top to bottom to unlock the next section.

Step 3: Attend Enrolment Day

It's important to attend Enrolment Day on campus to complete your enrolment. You will also have the chance to ask questions, meet course advisers and get detailed course information.

Your offer letter will have the details of your session. Or click the box on the right, that applies to you for a list of session times.

For more information about Enrolment Day, see Study at Monash.

What to bring

Please bring with you:

  • your Authority to Enrol (either printed or show us the email copy on your phone or laptop)
  • the transaction number from your enrolment questionnaire
  • your passport
  • your visa details
  • a pen and paper.

Online course information

Refer to the current University Handbook for course and unit information.

If you can't attend Enrolment Day

Monash University can't accept early or online enrolments. If you can't attend your Enrolment Day, you must apply for permission to enrol late (if your faculty allows it). Without written permission, you can't start your course.

Faculty of Business and Economics students are not permitted to enrol late.

Applying for permission to enrol late

Applications for late enrolment open 1 May and close 30 June 2017. We may still consider requests sent after this date.

Late enrolment is subject to approval and is not guaranteed. To apply, email latereg@monash.edu with all of the following details for your:

  • Monash ID number
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Name of course
  • Exact date of arrival for enrolment
  • Reason for late arrival

It's very important that you provide us with an exact date of arrival. Without this, we can't process your application for late enrolment. If you're unsure of the exact date, please provide an estimated date of arrival.

You can also attach documents or evidence in support of your late enrolment request.

Understanding your course requirements

Before you enrol in units, you need to:

  • Understand your course structure: Most courses have specific requirements and units that you must take (core requirements). Some have units you can choose (electives).
  • Know the units and credit points needed for your course.
  • Check which units are available: Some units can't be taken before completing other units first (prerequisites), or at the same time (corequisites).

Refer to the current University Handbook for course and unit information.

Credit for previous study

If applying for credit for previous study, and/or recognition of prior learning (RPL) bring:

  • outlines of the units you have studied
  • certified copies of your academic record (transcripts)
  • documentation showing the structure of the course you studied
  • a completed credit application form.

Step 4: Enrol in units

On Enrolment Day, staff will help you to enrol in units. You will either:

  • submit a Course Enrolment form, which is approved and entered by your faculty, or
  • enter units in WES once your faculty has enrolled you in a unit.

Make sure you record the transaction numbers when submitting your unit enrolment using the online system. You can print and use the enrolment checklist (pdf, 0.06 mb)

How do I know when I'm enrolled?

You know you're enrolled when you have submitted your units and received a transaction number beginning with U. This appears on screen when you press submit, and you also receive it by email.

You'll need the numbers generated by the system to collect your student ID card. You can print and use the enrolment checklist (pdf, 0.06 mb).

Enrol in units

Help with this step

Areas of study

You'll see this section if your course allows you to nominate:

  • majors
  • extended majors
  • minors
  • specialisations.

Check your course information before nominating an area of study as it's your responsibility to make sure that any nomination complies with your course requirements.

Nominating an area of study doesn't automatically enrol you in the units required so you will still need to enter the right units.

Any completed areas of study will appear on your official academic record. If you're in a comprehensive course, up to two majors (or extended majors) will appear on your graduation certificate (testamur).

Make sure you click the submit button to confirm your entries.

Unit enrolment

View screenshot

In the unit enrolment section, search for units by clicking To Add Units Click here

  • There are three ways to search for units
  • Choose from the search results by ticking the ones you want
  • Make sure you click the button at the bottom, Add selected Unit(s) to enrolment form
  • Add units for the entire year

This is important:

Make sure you click the SUBMIT ENROLMENT button when you have all the units for the year listed as - pending enrolled.

You're enrolled only when you see the message Submission Successful with a transaction number beginning with U.

Credit for previous study

If you intend applying for credit, be sure to bring:

  • outlines of the units you have studied
  • a certified copy of your academic record (transcript)
  • documentation showing the structure of the course you studied
  • a completed credit application form.

Step 5: Get your student ID card

Congratulations, if you have completed all previous steps and have a transaction number beginning with U, you are now enrolled at Monash University. You'll be shown where to go to collect your student ID card.

Make sure you bring ID and proof of enrolment to collect your card - see the help section below for details.

Before teaching starts

If you're studying with one of the faculties listed below, you'll need to do some things before teaching starts:

Help with this step

What to bring to collect your student ID card

This is where the checklist comes in handy as you need proof of enrolment before you can get a student card. Make sure you bring your:

  • Monash student ID number
  • transaction numbers from your enrolment questionnaire and unit enrolment
  • Authority to Enrol letter
  • passport and visa.

We'll check your transaction numbers and documents to confirm your enrolment. If you haven't finished enrolling, we can help you do this.

You have to collect your ID card in person.

Your first fee statement

Within about a week of enrolling, you will receive your first fee statement by email.

This outlines your course and unit enrolment, the overall amount charged, how much you need to pay and the due date. If you change your enrolment, you'll receive a new one within 10 days.

If you need help, see understanding your fee statement.

What next?

Now that you've accepted your offer by enrolling you have a few things to do before classes start.

  1. Select your preferred class times - create your personal timetable in Allocate+
  1. Attend orientation - create a schedule for compulsory events as well as the fun ones
  1. Prepare for uni - check out our guide to help prepare you for the transition to university
  1. Fee statements - you’ll receive your first fee statement about a week after enrolling

Go to step 5