Uni life can be complicated at first, so this site will help make it a little easier to navigate your first semester at Monash. The weeks listed here represent the twelve teaching weeks of semester. Just start scrolling to browse topics to see important deadlines to help you manage your studies each week. 


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Want to make unit changes?

Deadlines without penalty

If you're not happy with the units you've enrolled in and you're thinking of making a change, you can:

  • add new units until the end of week two
  • drop units until 31 March without 'Withdrawn' appearing on your academic record.

These deadlines are for standard, on-campus units. Deadlines for off-campus and full-year units may differ. See the full information on dates for changing units.

To make changes to your unit enrolment, login to the Web Enrolment System (WES) and go to the Enrolment section where you entered your units.

Census date

You'll be hearing a lot about the census date. There's one for each semester and the semester one census date always falls on 31 March. This is the date when your enrolment is finalised in terms of fees and what appears on your academic record.

For more information, see the web page for census dates.

Domestic students

You can actually drop units after the census date, but you'll be charged for the unit and your academic record will show that you dropped the unit late or failed. If you drop it earlier and meet the census date deadline, it won't appear on your record and you won't be charged any fees.

International students

The rules may vary if you're an international student on a visa. Generally you need to maintain a full study load and need permission to drop units. Talk to your faculty first.

Course rules

Before making changes to your enrolment, you should check your course rules (for core units, pre-requisites or co-requisites) or talk to your faculty.