Uni life can be complicated at first, so this site will help make it a little easier to navigate your first semester at Monash. The weeks listed here represent the twelve teaching weeks of semester. Just start scrolling to browse topics to see important deadlines to help you manage your studies each week. 


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Course advice and transfers

Need course advice?

After a semester of study you might want to get some advice about course planning and unit selection for semester one and beyond. See getting course advice.

Thinking of transferring?

If you're thinking of transferring to a different course you'll need to meet the minimum requirements. These are:

  • twelve credit points in your current Monash course
  • reasonably good grades
  • meet the prerequisites for the new course
  • maintain your enrolment. This means you may need to re-enrol in your current course while waiting for an offer.

Faculties usually set extra requirements - for instance, more credit points or certain grades you must have achieved.

Transfers are not guaranteed. You'll be competing for a place with new applicants.

Credit for units you've already completed is not guaranteed. You'll need to apply for it, and it will depend on the course you are transferring to.

See course transfers.

Got an early warning letter?

If you fail a unit in your first semester, you're likely to get an early warning letter. We send these out to students who appear to be struggling, so you can get some advice to help you get back on track.

If you get an early warning letter don't ignore it. Think about why you failed and take appropriate action.

See academic progress concerns.