Uni life can be complicated at first, so this site will help make it a little easier to navigate your first semester at Monash. The weeks listed here represent the twelve teaching weeks of semester. Just start scrolling to browse topics to see important deadlines to help you manage your studies each week. 


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Non-residential colleges

Non-residential colleges are made up of a collective of students living off-campus. A calendar of social, cultural and sporting events for each non-residential college provides an enhanced Monash experience and greater sense of community for students living away from their campus

With four non-residential colleges at Caulfield campus, including a cross-campus college at Parkville campus, three at Clayton campus and one at the Peninsula campus, there is a non-residential college to suit everyone.

Find out more about the non-residential colleges at your campus and join a college to have fun and gain support from a more diverse group of students than you might meet only in your classes.

Caulfield colleges

auriga collegelupa collegepegasus collegephoenix college

Clayton colleges

centaurus collegeorion collegeursa college

Parkville college

lupa college

Peninsula colleges

aquila college