Uni life can be complicated at first, so this site will help make it a little easier to navigate your first semester at Monash. The weeks listed here represent the twelve teaching weeks of semester. Just start scrolling to browse topics to see important deadlines to help you manage your studies each week. 


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Complete the compulsory modules

At Monash, equality, honesty and respect are central to everything we do, forming the foundation of our community of learning, teaching, and research excellence. To ensure these core Monash values are fully understood, most new students are required to complete one or both of the following modules:

If you’re not sure whether you need to complete a compulsory module, check in the Web Enrolment System (WES) on the Enrolment Summary screen (your compulsory modules will be listed in the Status column).

When do I need to complete this module?

If you’re a new student, you need to complete compulsory modules by the end of week three of your semester/teaching period.

Record of completion

Compulsory modules are not graded, so your grade will remain 0% even after completion. But, once you’ve completed the module, your progress will show as 100% on the CUP dashboard.

Using your student email account: Best to log into CUP with your Monash student email account. That way your record of completion will also appear in WES (after about 15 minutes).

Using your personal email account: If you log into CUP with your personal email account (or an MRS account), your record of completion won’t automatically appear in WES. You’ll need to request that we merge your personal CUP account with your Monash student account by emailing servicedesk@monash.edu with the subject line CUP merge required.

You can check which email address is linked to your account by looking under the profile icon in the top left corner of CUP.

What happens if I don’t complete the module?

If you don’t complete compulsory modules by the deadline, you will be encumbered. This means you can’t access Moodle or library resources, your academic record or results, sit eExams, or graduate. And this will interfere with your participation in your units and submitting assessments. So make sure that you avoid these problems by completing the modules on time.


Use this information if you’re having trouble accessing or completing the module.

Enable pop-ups

A pop-up blocker will prevent you from accessing the module.

Make sure your browser allows pop-ups in the Compulsory Unit Portal (CUP).

Can't access the module

If you're having trouble accessing the module:

  • make sure you use a laptop or desktop computer (you can't access the module on a phone or tablet)
  • try using the Google Chrome browser.

Module freezes

If the module freezes, and you can't select an option or move on to the next page, you need to email servicedesk@monash.edu:

  • type 'Reset attempt on Compulsory Units Portal' in the subject line
  • include the name of the module ('Academic Integrity') and your student ID number
  • give a brief description of the issue and include a screenshot (if relevant).

Still having trouble?

If you’re still having trouble accessing or completing the module, contact Monash Connect. Make sure to give us:

  • your full name (as it appears on your student ID card)
  • your Monash student ID number
  • details of the issue.