Phone appeal


Achieving Potential Scholarships are provided to students who have the passion, work ethic and academic capacity to succeed at university, but who are held back by a combination of low income and other forms of educational disadvantage.

The Monash community is coming together to help these aspiring students achieve their potential. Their stories are inspirational, and we have already watched many of them give back to others, serve the community, and even shift the dial on some of the issues that disadvantaged them in the first place.

The Achieving Potential Scholarship program is one of the most substantial of all Australian Universities, and you are invited to be part of it by making a regular donation.

All regular monthly gifts will be matched by Monash University dollar for dollar.

You can be part of extraordinary transformations like this one.

Even attending school in Afghanistan made Mariam a target for kidnappers - or worse. Yet, she never let go of her dream of a university education.

Watch how the support of regular donors like Emma, a Monash graduate,  made Mariam’s dream a reality.


These students are on the path to great things, thanks to alumni like you.

Change it. For future generations.

Monash will be known as the Australian university with the greatest impact on social mobility, through its capacity to recognise, support and extend talented students from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds."

– Professor Margaret Gardner AC, President and Vice-Chancellor

Have you noticed calls from any of these numbers?

03 8548 7060      0488 828 486      0488 828 488      0488 828 490

It may be someone from the Monash Phone Team trying to get in touch.