Farzad Sharifian


Farzad Sharifian“It’s easy to associate philanthropy with ‘being rich’ but actually all of us can simply make the University a beneficiary of our will.”

Professor Farzad Sharifian arrived in Australia in 1998 with $2000 in his pocket – the proceeds of selling his car in Iran. He went on to pursue his university studies with the assistance of scholarships from the Australian government and is now a pioneer in the field of cultural linguistics.

As a former international student, Professor Sharifian understands the challenges of leaving family and home behind to pursue your ambitions. His bequest to establish The Farzad Sharifian Scholarship is designed to assist similar students, who often come from countries whose governments cannot afford to support them in their studies.

“I look at my gift as a continuation of my life’s work,” he says. “That will see Monash University’s international reputation for ground-breaking research continue for years to come.”