Meet the team



Being able to speak to the generous alumni who have given students like me a leg-up in life is a privilege and I am forever grateful for their support.


I’m so fortunate in that this role allows me to observe the appreciation of a Monash education from our generous alumni, and the outcomes this has in empowering young individuals to access these same opportunities.


Every day, the altruism expressed by alumni inspires me to hopefully reciprocate their generosity and to make a difference in someone else’s life.


With each and every conversation I am inspired by the kindness and generosity of our alumni community. They remind me that change is within all of us.


Talking to our alumni puts a smile on my face. Each call gives you a glimpse of how compassionate and caring our alumni are about the next generation of students.


I feel inspired knowing that everyone’s contribution adds up to give someone an opportunity that they would never have dreamed of!


Every day I get to witness the kindness and generosity of our alumni and the hope they give to some of the most vulnerable members in our community. It shows me every day that change is possible and I can't believe that I get to be part of it!


Just one gift has the potential to better the lives of millions, all because you have given a brilliant mind an avenue to change the world. I have the privilege of helping make this happen.


I look forward to my conversations with alumni as I can learn so much from them. Their passion to help someone they haven’t met in completing their education is truly inspiring. It is heart warming to see a student’s worries be alleviated as a result.


Every dollar has the chance to change a student's life forever, and personally being able to witness these opportunities created by our alumni is amazing.


Education is such a powerful tool to change the world – and I get great joy talking to the extremely generous alumni who support others through our scholarship program. To all of you, thank you!


Scholarships aren't just access to education, but access to mentors, networks and opportunities. It is incredible to see our alumni know this and support our students so generously.


It is genuinely inspiring to experience the generous community that is cultivated at Monash through speaking with the alumni.

It empowers me to know that we are all working together to provide life changing opportunities for those who are disadvantaged.