Meet the team


Harry Wang

I believe everyone deserves equal access to education and healthcare, and I'm so excited to work together with Alumni towards this goal!

Vernice Ta

Each call with Alumni is different, from career counselling to story time we take a step back to reflect. It’s just amazing to see others pay it forward to people they haven’t even met.

Alice Kelly

Working here is amazing because each time someone is kind enough to donate, I know that they are helping change another person’s life for good.

Myoori Seevanayagam

To get to spend every night connecting with alumni who believe in giving the gift of education is only the first thing I love about this job. Every contribution has had such a huge impact and it’s amazing witnessing that first hand.

Simon Haleel

I feel inspired knowing that everyone’s contribution adds up to give someone an opportunity that they would never have dreamed of!

Georgia Niutta

Getting to speak to incredible Alumni about how they have touched lives all over the world inspires me to strive for change, knowing that if our Alumni have done it - we certainly can.

Arnhie San Juan

Without your gifts we would never be able to provide opportunities for students to take part in these amazing research programs which enable us to further our education and develop life-saving technologies.

Meital Pogrebisky

I am constantly astounded by the incredible generosity of Monash Alumni and their drive for positive change.

Mariam Mohammad Rahim

Hope is the most beautiful gift that we can give to one another. I am so excited to be working with Monash Alumni to deliver this gift.

Moe Ayman

On a daily basis I get to consistently witness altruism, kindness and generosity. It has given me concrete evidence that change is not only possible, it is happening right here, right now

Joseph Cercone

Just one gift has the potential to better the lives of millions, all because you have given a brilliant mind an avenue to change the world. I have the privilege of helping make this happen.