Meet the team


Tyler Mcdonald

Being able to witness charitable contributions make a monumental difference is truly inspiring. While you may think you are just one person in the world, to one person your contribution to another can mean the world to them.

Nariel Garcia

I find it such a privilege to not only talk to our alumni and find a little bit about their stories and where they come from, but to also talk about our students’ own obstacles and achievements. I am constantly inspired by the support from our alumni community, which everyday helps someone in need.

Hasnain Musharib

Being able to speak to the generous alumni who have given students like me a leg-up in life is a privilege and I am forever grateful for their support.

Jose Pineda Torres

I'm so happy to be helping create a positive impact in the lives of so many others. I know the power of education as it has opened so many opportunities for me. It’s the reason why I’m still here today! Muchisimas gracias!

Declan Dempster

I love seeing our alumni choose to support a complete stranger's education, choose to build our future leaders and choose to paint the world in a more equitable hue.

Lachlan Ewers

I’m so fortunate in that this role allows me to observe the appreciation of a Monash education from our generous alumni, and the outcomes this has in empowering young individuals to access these same opportunities.

Aiden May

Every day, the altruism expressed by alumni inspires me to hopefully reciprocate their generosity and to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Dean Antos

With each and every conversation I am inspired by the kindness and generosity of our alumni community. They remind me that change is within all of us.

Edwini Kessie

Talking to our alumni puts a smile on my face. Each call gives you a glimpse of how compassionate and caring our alumni are about the next generation of students.

Amelia Kennedy

Alumni can provide students with the support and opportunity to achieve their educational goals. Speaking with a group of people who share a common interest of equal access to education brightens my day.

Simon Haleel

I feel inspired knowing that everyone’s contribution adds up to give someone an opportunity that they would never have dreamed of!

Arnhie San Juan

Every day I get to witness the kindness and generosity of our alumni and the hope they give to some of the most vulnerable members in our community. It shows me every day that change is possible and I can't believe that I get to be part of it!

Mariam Mohammad Rahim

Hope is the most beautiful gift that we can give to one another. I am so excited to be working with Monash Alumni to deliver this gift.

Joseph Cercone

Just one gift has the potential to better the lives of millions, all because you have given a brilliant mind an avenue to change the world. I have the privilege of helping make this happen.