HDR completions

Join us in congratulating all our students who have successfully completed their research studies with us!

Congratulations to all those conferred in January to February 2022!

Dr. Heba Saleh Abdellah Ali
(Specialisation: Medicinal chemistry)
"Diagnostics for Targeted Drug Delivery in the Gastrointestinal Tract"

Dr. Bradley James Gardiner
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"Individualizing cytomegalovirus preventative strategies following solid organ transplantation"

Dr. Venkatachalam Pitchumani
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Unravelling novel N-heterocyclic Carbene catalysed reactions for the synthesis of heterocycles"

Dr. Dinislam Abdulgalimov
(Specialisation: Computer science)
"Digitalising Employee Voice"

Dr. Asmare Yitayeh Gelaw
(Specialisation: Epidemiology)
"Chronic physical health conditions following serious orthopaedic injury"

Dr. Tahlia Isobel Pollock
(Specialisation: Zoology)
"All the better to eat you with: a multidisciplinary investigation into feeding in mammalian carnivores"

Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Salameh Aburumman
(Specialisation: Occupational health and safety)
"A safety culture translational framework: Guiding the construction industry in creating a safer working environment"

Dr. Rabeeh Golmohammadzadeh"(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Recycling of spent lithium-ion batteries using green solvents"

Dr. Amir Pourabed
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Ultrafast Acoustofluidic Mixers for Nanoparticle Assembly and Cell Lysis"

Dr. Shahinur Acter
(Specialisation: Materials chemistry)
"Assembly of Colloidal Anisotropic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications"

Dr. Alice Lillian Blake Gornall
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"Mental Health Following Paediatric Concussion"

Fauzan Yudho Pratomo
(Specialisation: Mining engineering)
"Numerical study of rock joint shear failures and implications to fault slip mechanics"

Dr. Alita Anastasia Aguiar
(Specialisation: Cell biology)
"The present state of Human embryonic stem cell-derived midbrain dopaminergic neurons as a functional and phenotypic model for drug discovery"

Ethan Samuel Gould
(Specialisation: European history)
"The Career of Thomas Randolph, earl of Moray: Power, Patronage and Politics in Brucean Scotland, 1306-1332"

Dr. Christian Tobias Preuss
(Specialisation: Physics)
"Improving the Efficiency and Accuracy in Monte-Carlo Event Generation"

Dr. Rumana Ahmed
(Specialisation: Information systems)
"Decision-Making Processes: Bangladeshi Large Enterprises' Transition to Cloud ERP Systems"

Dr. Matthew Paul Grant
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"An exploration of the nature and meaning of informal communities in cancer treatment"

Dr. Georgia Privitera
(Specialisation: Sociology)
"Understanding how endometriosis influences women's quality of life and social and psychological functioning"

Dr. Muna Ibrahim H Alharbi
(Specialisation: Nursing - education)
"Social media usage by Saudi undergraduate nursing students and the development of their professional identity: A mixed methods study"

Dr. Laura Elizabeth Hartnell
(Specialisation: Performing arts and creative writing)
"Writing affect and trauma: Performative writing as the felt sense of women's trauma"

Dr. Dilini Sewwandi Rajapaksha Hewa Ranasinghage
(Specialisation: Artificial intelligence)
"Local Model-Agnostic Explanations for Machine Learning and Time-series Forecasting Models"

Dr. Abdulaziz Mohammad M Alodhailah
(Specialisation: Nursing - cardiac)
"Antiplatelet Medication Adherence Rates Following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Cardiac Patients from Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"

Dr. Amyna Helou
(Specialisation: Pharmacy practice)
"Understanding management of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and medication use during pregnancy: A mixed methods approach"

Dr. Isobel Marguarethe Romero-Shaw
(Specialisation: Astrophysics)
"Eccentricity in Gravitational-Wave Transients"

Dr. Zainab Alqudah
(Specialisation: Paramedical studies)
"Trends in the epidemiology and outcome of traumatic out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Victoria, Australia"

Dr. Hansika Pehesarani Hewamalage
(Specialisation: Computer science)
"Advancing Time Series Forecasting Techniques & Practices in a Big Data Environment"

Dr. Veronique Roussy
(Specialisation: Public health general)
"The community health sector in Victoria, Australia: an evolving model of primary health care"

Dr. Shoaib  Amjad
(Specialisation: Aerospace engineering)
"Development of a tomographic background-oriented schlieren method for instantaneous three-dimensional density field measurements of heated jets"

Dr. Penelope Louisa Hill
(Specialisation: Epidemiology)
"Characterising opioid overdose and mortality in cohorts of people who use drugs"

Alexandra Claire Rubenstein
(Specialisation: Historical studies)
"Heresy, Conversion and Power: Ex-Cathar Inquisitors and their Impact on the Early Inquisition (c. 1229-1263)"

Dr. Nandini Syanavalli Anantharama
(Specialisation: Artificial intelligence)
"Modelling EHR of Spinal Cord Injury Patients"

Margot Francis Holt
(Specialisation: Jewish studies)
"Recalling Sexual Violence in Holocaust Testimonies: Modes of Representation and Interpretation"

Dr. Yuval Sadeh
(Specialisation: Earth sciences)
"Coupling Fused High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Remote Sensing Data and Crop Modelling to Predict Wheat Yield at the Field Scale"

Dr. Aneesa Ansari
(Specialisation: Physiology)
"Renal and cardiac fibrosis: Development of new therapeutic approaches"

Dr. Laila Hossain
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Engineering sustainable nanocellulose superabsorbents: characterization and application"

Dr. Andrea Sadusky
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"The assessment of adults with dyslexia in Australia: Psychologists' understandings, practices, and training experiences"

Dr. Carlos Luis Arellano
(Specialisation: Drug delivery sciences)
"Small molecule modification of short oligonucleotides to improve gene silencing therapy"

Dr. U-Shane Huang
(Specialisation: Immunology)
"Characterisation of a novel non-canonical interferon pathway and its implications in inflammatory disease"

Dr. Fahimeh Sadat Saleh
(Specialisation: Artificial intelligence)
"Improving Resource-constrained Machine Translation and Text generation Using Knowledge Transition"

Dr. Ganesaramachandran Arunachalam
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Respiratory Mechanics Modelling of Spontaneous Breathing Respiratory Failure Patients and Healthy Subjects"

Dr. Sombut Jaidee
(Specialisation: Econometrics)
"Hypothesis Testing for High-Dimensional Linear Models"

Dr. Yi Jiau Saw
(Specialisation: Electrical engineering)
"An Investigation Towards the Development of Circadian Lighting Design Incorporating Visual and Non-visual Effects of Light"

Courtney Ann Ellen Baker
(Specialisation: Historical studies)
"Pipels: Male-Male Sexual Violence in the Nazi Concentration Camps"

Dr. Kitty Catharina Janssen
(Specialisation: Education)
"A Salutogenic Exploration of Social Complexities Associated With Adolescent Sleep to Inform Australian Secondary Schools"

Mohammad Ismaeel Shah
(Specialisation: Electronic engineering)
"Investigation into Non-Uniform Electrode Designs for High-Temperature Langasite Crystal Resonator"

Dr. Jake Nathaniel Barber
(Specialisation: Ecology and evolutionary biology)
"The Impact of Co-Evolution on the Dynamics of Adaptation in Experimental Microbial Communities"

Dr. Wenhua Jiang
(Specialisation: Transport engineering)
"Real-Time Mobility Prediction and Management in Urban Railway Systems"

Dr. Amal Shaji Karapuzha
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Additive Manufacturing of Nickel-based Hastelloy X Superalloy by Electron and Laser-based Powder Bed Fusion"

Dr. Octavio Barrientos Arriaga
(Specialisation: Organisation management)
"Tourism Social Movements: Achieving Community Outcomes"

Dr. Wriju Kargupta
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Energy efficient production of nanocellulose"

Dr. Rishabh Sharma
(Specialisation: Neuroscience)
"Systemic Inflammation after Paediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Consequences for Acute and Chronic Outcomes"

Dr. Shovon Barua
(Specialisation: Hydrology)
"Geochemical Tracers of Catchment Processes in Semi-arid Areas Drained by Intermittent Streams"

Dr. Lie Kong
(Specialisation: Geotechnical engineering)
"Grain-scale behaviour of crystalline rock under coupled hydro-mechanical process"

Dr. Matthew Kraig Shaw
(Specialisation: Education - other)
"Across the Boundaries: Unity and Disunity in an Elite School in Cyprus"

Dr. Alan Michael Batt
(Specialisation: Medicine, nursing and health sciences)
"Do we preach what we practice? The development of competency frameworks in healthcare professions"

Dr. Richard John Lawrence
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"Impact of Low and High Intensity Psychological Interventions on Coping, Psychological Distress and Quality of Life following Stem Cell Transplantation for Haematological Cancer"

Dr. Farhan Shazia
(Specialisation: Finance)
"Three Essays on Social and Corporate Finance"

Dr. Anna Louise Beale
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"Sex differences in determinants of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction"

Dr. Ming Jie Lee
(Specialisation: Security science)
"The Security and Privacy of Unimodal and Multimodal Biometrics"

Dr. Hui Shi
(Specialisation: Biochemistry and molecular biology)
"Identification of therapeutic vulnerabilities in Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumour"

Dr. Anjan Bhattarai
(Specialisation: Biomedical engineering)
"Multimodal MRI techniques to investigate grey matter changes in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis"

Dr. Dasuni Nethanjalie Lelwala Gamacharige
(Specialisation: Computer engineering)
"Analysis of Metal Nanoparticle - Quantum Emitter Composite Nanostructures"

Dr. Ahmed Shifaz
(Specialisation: Artificial intelligence)
"Scalable and Accurate Time Series Classification"

Dr. Marion Christine Bichet
(Specialisation: Microbiology)
"Interactions between Eukaryotic cells and Bacteriophages"

Dr. Jing Li
(Specialisation: Mining engineering)
"Mechanical and microseismic characteristics of anisotropic coal under static and dynamic loads"

Dr. Yogarabindranath Swarna Nantha
(Specialisation: General practice)
"Looking Within and Without - The Realities of Living with Type 2 Diabetes"

Dr. Jenna Elizabeth Bollinger
(Specialisation: Social work)
"Placement Stability in Residential Out of Home Care: What is Good Enough Stability?"

Mo Li
(Specialisation: Surgery)
"Water Irrigation as a Treatment for Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer"

Dr. Nazia Tabassum
(Specialisation: Pharmacy and pharmaceutical science)
"Porous Silicon Microneedles and Micropillars for Biomedical Applications"

Dr. Michael Rudi Howard Braude
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"Liver disease in people with serious mental illness: An evaluation of prevalence, the care cascade, and novel models of healthcare delivery"

Dr. Chang Sheng Lim
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Tunable Wettability of Graphene Nanostructures in Two-Phase Heat Transfer Applications"

Dr. Xiaofen Tan
(Specialisation: Engineering - other)
"Nano-structure of coated voids in Al-(Cu-)Sn alloys"

Dr. Grace Sanders Broomfield
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"Expanding the Reach of Internet- and Mobile-Based Interventions for Preventing Youth Mental Health Difficulties: Preferences of Parents of Lower-Socioeconomic Positions"

Dr. Sheng Yang Gene Lim
(Specialisation: Sociology)
"A Sexual Fields approach to Sexual Racism: A cross-sectional examination of overseas-born Asian Men who have sex with Men's (MSM) experiences of individual and collective erotic life"

Yechen Tang
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Study of particle-fluid flow systems using two-fluid model"

Dr. Deya Chakraborty
(Specialisation: Mathematics & science education)
"Initiation and Implementation of a Textbook Change in Bangladeshi Primary Science Classrooms: A Qualitative Study"

Wen Choong Ling
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Systematic Design Framework for Reliable and Strategic Integrated Biomass Renewable Energy System"

Fernando Toledo Hernandez
(Specialisation: Food processing technology)
"Understanding the Agglomeration-Coating Process in Confectionery Panning"

Dr. Yi-Cheng Chang
(Specialisation: Biology)
"Nr6a1 integrates key molecular and cellular events to control trunk formation in the mouse"

Dr. Meihua Luo
(Specialisation: Pharmacy and pharmaceutical science)
"Developing Targeted Drug Delivery Systems for Brain Cancer Treatment Using Porous Silicon Nanoparticles"

Dr. Daniel Roland Tudball Smith
(Specialisation: Aerospace engineering)
"Dynamics of Flow Over a Rotating Wing During Cessation of Motion"

Dr. Wei Chao
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Development and Application of Transmission Electron Microscopy for Colossal Magnetoresistance Materials"

Dr. Maiko Lea Lutz
(Specialisation: Biology)
"How effective are existing conservation actions in ensuring species recovery of Australian freshwater fish?"

Dr. Rachael Emily Turner
(Specialisation: Biochemistry and molecular biology)
"An investigation into the mechanisms and function of alternative polyadenylation in S. cerevisiae"

Dr. Wai Hoe Chin
(Specialisation: Microbiology)
"From test-tube to the gut: Uncovering phage evolution and ecology within the gut-on-a-chip mucus layer"

Dr. Quanxia Lyu
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Soft and Mechanical Compliant Bioelectronics for Real-Time Monitoring Living Cells"

Dr. Vallabh Vasudevan
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"In Silico characterisation of electrolytes for rechargeable magnesium batteries"

Dr. Silke Ghislaine C Cleuren
(Specialisation: Zoology)
"A comparative study of venomous snake fangs: functional shape, venom connectivity and strike kinematics"

Dr. Nicolau Joaquim Martin Bassols
(Specialisation: Health economics)
"Empirical essays on health economics of ageing"

Dr. George John Veith
(Specialisation: Historical studies)
"Building Democracy During War: Nguyen Van Thieu and South Vietnam, 1965-1975"

Dr. George Criddle
(Specialisation: Fine art)
"Shifting mentality: a case study in going home"

Dr. Zoe Melpomeni Mcardle
(Specialisation: Physiology)
"Strategies to prevent glomerular hyperfiltration injury in congenital solitary kidneys"

Dr. Muthu Vignesh Vellayappan
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Additive manufacturing using multilayered polymer composites for cardiac patches application"

Dr. Seyed Hossein Daneshvar
(Specialisation: Electronic engineering)
"Variable-Capacitance Generators for Energy Harvesting from Body Movements Targeting Implantable Medical Devices"

Dr. Seyedali Meghdadi
(Specialisation: Artificial intelligence)
"Improving the data-driven transient stability assessment of power systems"

Dr. Sumedha Verma
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"Innovations in Perinatal Sleep: Reducing Postpartum Insomnia through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Light Dark Therapy"

Dr. Hattapark Dejakaisaya
(Specialisation: Neuroscience)
"The Role of Glutamate in the Pathogenesis of Acquired Epilepsy in Alzheimer's Disease"

Dr. Majid Mehravar
(Specialisation: Biomedical science)
"(epi)genetic and (epi)transcriptomic gene regulation in the maintenance of embryonic stem cell state"

Dr. Viet Quang Vo
(Specialisation: Computer science)
"Efficient Mitigation of Leakage-abuse Attacks for Searchable Encryption"

Dr. Myriam Doremy Diatta
(Specialisation: Visual arts and crafts - other)
"Thinking Form: A Creative Practice for Bringing Together the Everyday and Black Onto-Epistemologies"

Dr. Jakub  Mesinovic
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"Metabolic and musculoskeletal health in overweight and obese older adults"

Dr. Ren Wang
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Solution-based Wet Chemistry Gold Surface Coating for Soft Bioelectronics"

Dr. Zhen Shern Ding
(Specialisation: Immunology)
"Investigation into the role of sirtuin in modulating Toxoplasma gondii survival: Cellular pharmacology and molecular biology approach"

Dr. Mohanambal Moorthy
(Specialisation: Biochemistry and molecular biology)
"The Prebiotic Role of Polyphenols and the Modulation of Gut Microbiota and Metabolic Parameters by Geraniin and its Enriched Extract in Animal Model"

Michael Grant Warnock
(Specialisation: Fine art)
"Photographs of Elusive Referents: The Inaccessible, Human perception, and Material Presence"

Karen Joy Dixon
(Specialisation: Medicine, nursing and health sciences)
"Somewhere to safe: Women's experiences of a Women-Only Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) Service"

Dr. Mahdi Naseri-Nosar
(Specialisation: Biomedical engineering)
"Point-of-test biosensor for the detection of waterborne bacteria"

Dr. Chengcheng Wu
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Microstructures and mechanical behaviours of biodegradable Zn-Mg alloys"

Dr. Ilze Donderwinkel
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Tissue-engineered hydrogel scaffolds to study bone-tendon interface development"

Dr. Abrahim Steve Nasrawi
(Specialisation: Mathematics)
"Self-avoiding walk models on mean-field graphs"

Dr. Dries Wyers
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Oligoacrylamide peptide mimics: Synthetic Materials with Biomimetic Structures"

Dr. Allison Antonia-Marie Edwards
(Specialisation: Graphic & design studies general)
"Matters of co-facilitation:  A methodological inquiry into the role of co-design materials"

Dr. Maryam Nawaz
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"A Performance Based Reliability Engineering Approach For Urban Trains in Melbourne"

Yunxi Xu
(Specialisation: Mathematics)
"A Probabilistic Approach for Discontinuous Coeffcients FBSDEs and PDEs"

Dr. David Egan
(Specialisation: Fine art)
"A Written Palette: Conceptual and Emotional Approaches to Colour Handling in Painting"

Dr. Anum Nisar
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Interactions and Exciton Transfer in DNA-Based Discrete Nanocrystal Assemblies"

Dr. Dongxia Yang
(Specialisation: Earth sciences)
"Tropical SST Impact on the Southern Hemisphere Eddy-driven Jet and Antarctic Sea Ice Variation"

Dr. George Thomas Egerton-Warburton
(Specialisation: Fine art)

Dr. Mitra Nosratpour
(Specialisation: Food processing technology)
"Understanding the potential protective effect of milkfat on omega-3 fatty acids"

Dr. Yi Yang Yap
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"Daily Associations between Stress and Sleep: Extending the Knowledge Base using Intensive Longitudinal Designs with Repeated Ecological Momentary Assessments and Objective Measures"

Dr. Martin Andres Estermann
(Specialisation: Genetics)
"The cell biology and molecular genetics of avian gonadal development"

Dr. Georgia Evelyn O'Connor
(Specialisation: Historical studies)
""For Nation, King, and Company": William Norris, two English East India companies, and a forgotten embassy to Mughal India, 1699-1702"

Dr. Chin Vern Yeoh
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Direct Numerical Simulation, Study, and Quantification of Fractal-Grid Generated Turbulent Flows"

Dr. Martin Ndubuisi Ezeani
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"An Investigation of Therapy and Non-invasive Molecular Imaging for Atrial Myopathy and Myocardial Fibrosis"

Dr. Katelyn O'Donohue
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"The Psychological Consequences and Service Experiences for Young Adults Exposed to the 2014 Hazelwood Mine Fire"

Dr. Yayao Zhou
(Specialisation: Medicinal chemistry)
"Design and Synthetic Investigations toward pH-Sensitive Dual-Release Molecular Frameworks"

Dr. Katherine Fernandez
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Effectiveness of Context-based Undergraduate Biochemistry for the Health Sciences (CUBHS)"

Dr. Chloe Okoli
(Specialisation: Australian history)
"'Returned to their native heath': Repatriating and deporting British assisted migrants from Australia, 1901-1939"

Dr. Yichen Zhou
(Specialisation: Biomedical science)
"The Role of Gut Microbial Metabolites in Alzheimer's Disease"

Dr. Pengfei Fu
(Specialisation: Arts and cultural policy)
"The Maker Movement and Creative Industries in China"

Dr. Edwina Ruth Orchard
(Specialisation: Neuroscience)
"The Cognitive Neuroscience of Parenthood"

Dr. Andrzej  Zieba
(Specialisation: Organic chemistry)
"Palladium- and Carbo-catalysis for the Synthesis of Chiral Building Blocks"

Dr. Samantha Kylie Galea
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"The Development, Feasibility and Acceptability of an Enhanced Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Adults with Anxiety Disorders Parenting an Anxious Child"

Mostafa Rabie Shlaly Bahr Othman
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Correlation between Photophysical and Structural-Properties in Guanidinium-Iodide Treated Perovskite Solar Cells"


Dr. Dashiell Carrillo Gantner
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"Translation of Australian research into practice in severe traumatic brain injury"

Dr. Merrin Allegra Mei Ling Pang
(Specialisation: Paediatrics)
"The Neo-ICog study: Exploring immunology and coagulation in preterm infants and their impact on health and disease using omics approaches"

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