HDR completions

Join us in congratulating all our students who have successfully completed their research studies with us!

Congratulations to all those conferred in May to June 2022!

Dr. Shazmin Khalid Abubakar
(Specialisation: Management)
"Maternal Healthcare in Kenya - An Institutional Perspective of Women's Agency"

Dr. Gabriel Tai Huynh
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Spatial-Temporal Monitoring of Cellular Microenvironments using Organosilica Nanosensors"

Dr. Reza Hezrique Bin Redzawan
(Specialisation: Education)
"Teacher Job Satisfaction and Retention Among Non-Muslim Teachers in Islamic Schools in Peninsular Malaysia"

Dr. Khulud Twarish A Alhamazani
(Specialisation: Education - other)
"Arab Women's Journeys of Escape and Resilience"

Dr. Nor Isnida Ismail
(Specialisation: Biochemistry and molecular biology)
"The Anti-Cancer Mechanism of MS13 (1,5-bis(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-1,4-pentadiene-3-one) on Human Colon Cancer Cells"

Dr. Jeffri Stevens Retamal Santibanez
(Specialisation: Drug discovery biology)
"Drug Delivery Systems for Advanced Treatment of Pain and Inflammation"

Dr. Javad Aliasgari Mosleh Abadi
(Specialisation: Electrical and electronic engineering and technology- other)
"Ultra-wideband Chipless RFID Systems for IoT Applications"

Dr. Nicholas Mark Jackson
(Specialisation: Education)
"Teachers' knowledge and practice: The role of secondary school students in technology integration"

Dr. Maliheh Rezaei
(Specialisation: Education)
"The Socialisation of Underrepresented International Doctoral Students in the Field of Education in Australia"

Dr. Saeed Aligholi
(Specialisation: Civil engineering - other)
"Evaluating rock physics-fracture mechanics relationship by quantifying fracture process zone"

Hira Javaid
(Specialisation: Genomics and Bioinformatics)
"ISBaC: An automated pipeline for In-Silico Bacterial Classification"

Dr. Adam Robertson
(Specialisation: Management)
"Exploring Daily Dynamic Social Exchange Processes: A Leader-Follower Fit Perspective"

Dr. Timothy John Allison-Walker
(Specialisation: Neuroscience)
"Improving cortical visual prostheses: the influence of physiological structures and cortical rhythms on neural prosthesis efficacy"

Siyan Jiang
(Specialisation: Education - early childhood)
"Play Pedagogy in Science Education: Early Childhood Teachers of Chinese Heritage in Australian Contexts"

Dr. Scott Christopher Robinson
(Specialisation: Philosophy)
"The Claim of Experience: Aesthetics and Modernity in the Work of Walter Benjamin, Jacques Ranciere and Stanley Cavell"

Dr. Abdulaziz Abdulmohsin M Alsharif
(Specialisation: Immunology)
"Thymic recovery following chemotherapy damage - the impact of sex hormones and ageing"

Dr. Stephen Alwyn Jones
(Specialisation: Law)
"'Sufficiently serious behaviour'? When should cyberbullying by children be subject to criminal law?"

Dr. Diana Angelica Robledo Ruiz
(Specialisation: Genetics)
"Genetic Rescue of the Helmeted Honeyeater"

Elliot Peter Anderson
(Specialisation: Surgery)
"Evaluation of focal low dose rate brachytherapy in men with low-intermediate risk prostate cancer"

Dr. Mindaugas Jurgelis
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"The Effects of Fatigue on Motivation"

Dr. Hanna Sarah Rosinger
(Specialisation: Ecology and evolutionary biology)
"From contradiction to prediction: When is hybridization helpful or harmful to invaders?"

Dr.  Arif Mahammad Earsad
(Specialisation: Inorganic chemistry)
"Synthesis of Low Valent Main Group Element Complexes Using Extremely Bulky Aminopyridinates"

Dr. Mahima Kapoor
(Specialisation: Neuroscience)
"Clinical Challenges in Management of Inflammatory Neuropathies"

Dr. Parham Sahandi Zangabad
(Specialisation: Pharmacy and pharmaceutical science)
"Mesoporous Silicon Particle Formulations for Protected and Sustained Delivery of Therapeutic Peptides"

Dr. Prabavathy Bangaroo
(Specialisation: Media studies)
"Framing the Afghanistan War: A Comparative Analysis of the Coverage of Four Australian newspapers 2008 to 2013"

Dr. Chandan Kundu
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Combination of Pretreatment and Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass Towards the Production of Two Platform Chemicals"

Dr. Ivan Semenov
(Specialisation: Geology)
"Major long-lived Early Paleozoic thrusts of the Eastern Sierras Pampeanas (central and northwestern Argentina)"

Dr. Hayley Nadine Barnes
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"Improving the Diagnostic Confidence of Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis"

Dr. Natasha Lakaev
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"Refinement and Development of the Lakaev Academic Stress Response Scale-2 (LASRS-2) for Research, Clinical and Educational Settings using Rasch Analysis"

Dr. Madhooshi Ruwanpura Senarath
(Specialisation: Astronomy)
"A Census of Low Redshift AGNs"

Dr. Armin Bazrafkan
(Specialisation: Electrical and electronic engineering and technology- other)
"Performance Enhancement of 5G wireless Networks"

Chee Hong Lee
(Specialisation: Electrical engineering)
"Torque Vectoring Control in Four Wheel Independently Driven Vehicle"

Dr. Hashini Hiranya Senaratne
(Specialisation: Artificial intelligence)
"Multimodal-multisensor Analytics for Detecting Anxiety Phases in Individuals Experiencing High Anxiety"

Dr. Shabnam Behrangrad
(Specialisation: Neuroscience)
"Concurrent bilateral anodal tDCS of primary motor cortex and cerebellum: a study of the effects on cortical excitability and balance"

Dr. Inwon Lee
(Specialisation: Anatomy)
"Regulation and role of mitochondrial transport in mouse oocyte and early embryogenesis"

Nathaniel Richard Sgambellone
(Specialisation: International relations)
"A Gramscian analysis of how multinational corporations influence EU trade policy towards Africa"

Dr. Karen Louise Bell
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"Understanding ways of knowing: A mixed methods approach"

Dr. Joy Lee
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"Factors contributing to difficult asthma"

Dr. Syed Mohammad Ahsan Shah
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Pilot-scale sterilization of loose oil palm fruits using a new integrated microwave-steam system"

Olga Bennett
(Specialisation: Fine art)
"Fraying, dissipation, divination, and talking to moths: notation as a salve for unmanageable vulnerabilities or historiography of creative hermeneutics"

Dr. Angus Chun-Kei Leung
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"Evaluating the integrated information theory of consciousness in flies"

Dr. Iryna Valerievna Sharp
(Specialisation: Historical studies)
"Elite British Women's Albums: Functions and Significance in Women's Daily Lives"

Dr. Monisha Biswas
(Specialisation: Information technology - other)
"The role of mobile technologies in the sustainability of women-led micro-enterprises and women's empowerment in rural Bangladesh"

Dr. Sike Li
(Specialisation: Environmental science)
"Improving Grassland Curing Estimates in Victoria, Australia Using Satellite Remote Sensing"

Dr. Xiaoji Shen
(Specialisation: Civil engineering)
"P-band Microwave Radiometry and Soil Moisture Retrieval"

Dr. Saheli Biswas
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Synthesis of methane in solid oxide electrolytic cells: development of electrocatalysts, investigations on reaction pathways and comparison with heterogeneous catalysis"

Dr. Wen Xian Lim
(Specialisation: Pharmacogenomics)
"Integrative Approaches to Identifying Genetic Causes of Familial Breast Cancer"

Dr. Geng Di Sia
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Subcooled flow boiling on graphene nanostructured surfaces with tunable wettability"

Dr. Thomas Blesch
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Studies of an Iron-based, Symmetric, Non-aqueous Redox Flow Battery"

Yi Shen Lim
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Highly Efficient Light-Emitting Diode Cooling Using Graphene Nanostructured Coatings"

Dr. Cristian Felipe Sierra Fonseca
(Specialisation: Physics)
"B Meson Anomalies in the General Two Higgs Doublet Model"

Dr. Harald Werner Boegeholz
(Specialisation: Computational theory)
"A Relational Model for Parallel Computation"

Dr. Shiqi Liu
(Specialisation: Metallurgy)
"Characterisation of Secondary Precipitation in Al-Cu-Mg-Ge(Si) Alloys"

Dr. Nicolette Lisa Snowden
(Specialisation: Historical studies)
"We live here too: gender, class and ethnicity in an oral history of women in the Latrobe Valley"

Dr. Claire Alyce Bristow
(Specialisation: Education - other)
"The Influence of Public Health Anti-Obesity Campaigns on Risk Factors for the Development of Eating Disorders"

Dr. Juliana Luna Mora
(Specialisation: Fashion design)
"The Commodification and Cosmetification of Western Yoga as Conscious Luxury"

Dr. Lisa Michelle Sossen
(Specialisation: Nutrition and dietetics)
"Exploring 'Food First' Approaches in Aged Care"

Dr. Wessel Alexander Christian Burger
(Specialisation: Pharmacology)
"Mechanisms of Allosteric Modulation at the Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptors"

Dr. Xiaoxue Ma
(Specialisation: Biomedical science)
"Developing safe and immune-tolerated cell-based therapies for the treatment of multiple sclerosis"

Dr. Nicholas Scott Spyrison
(Specialisation: Statistics)
"Interactive and dynamic visualization of high-dimensional data"

Dr. James Richard Burgmann-Milner
(Specialisation: Creative writing)
"Critical Component: Fiction in a Strange Climate; Practical Component: Children of Tomorrow"

Dr. Grace Maria Mackie
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"The Experiences of Australian Transgender Young People and Australian Psychologists in School Counselling"

Dr. Ashleigh Cara Stewart
(Specialisation: Epidemiology)
"Mental illness and mental health service contact among men leaving prison who have histories of injecting drug use in Victoria, Australia"

Dr. Maxime Buser
(Specialisation: Information technology - other)
"Post-quantum Privacy-Preserving Primitives Constructed with Symmetric Primitives"

Dr. Md Toslim Mahmud
(Specialisation: Biochemistry and molecular biology)
"Role of proteolytic processing of the Helicobacter pylori vacuolating cytotoxin,VacA, in toxin activity"

Dell Stewart
(Specialisation: Fine art)
"Too Much and Not Enough: Gathering and Gardening."

Dr. Antoni John Caserta
(Specialisation: Podiatry)
"An exploration of the lower limb characteristics of children with an idiopathic toe walking gait, and how these characteristics are managed"

Dr. Weiyi Mao
(Specialisation: Pharmacology)
"Evaluation of Novel Cell Repair Compounds as Potential Treatments for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)"

Jacob Christopher Stuart
(Specialisation: Initial secondary teacher education)
"A consideration of the neo-institutional influence on the preparation of teachers in the Vocational Education and Training sector through initial teacher education: Qualifications and experiences"

Dr. Souvik Lal Chakraborty
(Specialisation: Human geography)
"Framing the Pluriverse: Understanding the Role of Popular Intellectuals in the Niyamgiri Movement in India"

Dr. Peyman Mayeli
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Stability analysis of horizontal convection under the centrifugal approximation"

Dr. Seyedeh Zeinab Taheri Mirani
(Specialisation: Neuroscience)
"Role of miR-21-5p in the downregulation of Sema5A protein in glioblastomas"

Dr. Chuntao Chen
(Specialisation: Mathematics and statistics)
"Multilevel Monte Carlo Samplers in Bayesian Inverse problems"

Dr. Clare Frances Mchugh
(Specialisation: Health)
"Exploring the barriers and enablers to the engagement in, and delivery of, allied health interventions that aim to enhance the community participation of stroke survivors in the community setting in Australia"

Dr. Chang How Tan
(Specialisation: Computer science)
"A Unified Framework for Anomaly and Concept Drift Detection with Explainability"

Dr. Bingqing Cheng
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Precipitation in AL-ZN-MG(-AG) alloys"

Dr. Emma Jane Brosnan Mcnicol
(Specialisation: Literary studies)
"The Voices of Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex and Old Age: Responding to Anglophone Critiques"

Dr. James Kai Tanter
(Specialisation: Philosophy of language)
"Language and Normativity"

Dr. Fang Ling Cheng
(Specialisation: Economics)
"The volatility linkages between crude oil and agricultural commodity markets, in the context of US-China trade war"

Dr. Thomas Richard Mcqueen
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Active Control of Separated Flow"

Dr. Francesca Beata Teltscher Taylor
(Specialisation: Literature in German)
"A Topos Subverted: Dislocating "Italy" in 20th and early 21st Century German Literature"

Dr. Hyein Cho
(Specialisation: Sociology)
"An intersectional approach to lived experiences of domestic and family violence within the Korean Diaspora of Australia"

Dr. Nicole Michael
(Specialisation: Immunology)
"Elucidating the molecular regulation of the dendritic cell receptor, Clec9A"

Dr. Corina Stephanie Toon
(Specialisation: Sociology of education)
"The Making, (Un)making and (Re)making of Malaysian-Chinese-Australian"

Dr. Chooi Ling Chong
(Specialisation: Marketing)
"From Lurker to Community Cultivator: Understanding the Identity Evolution Process through Cultural Product Consumption"

Dr. Seyedeh Simin Miri
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Development of Modified Nanofibrillated Cellulose Wastewater Treatment Membranes for Multifunctional Filtration Applications"

Dr. Louise Michele Uoselis
(Specialisation: Biochemistry and molecular biology)
"Mitochondrial damage control: delineating the mechanisms of mitochondrial repair"

Dr. Laura Ciacchi
(Specialisation: Biomedical science)
"Investigating the molecular basis for specific and cross-reactive T cell responses in Celiac Disease"

Dr. Yik Lun Mong
(Specialisation: Astrophysics)
"Identification of Gamma-Ray Burst Optical Counterparts for the Gravitational-wave Optical Transient Observer with Machine Learning"

Dr. Matthew Callum Urquhart
(Specialisation: Drug delivery sciences)
"A macromolecular approach to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) delivery"

Anita May Cummins
(Specialisation: Fine art)
"Impasse, pharmacology, bed, crying: A Neurodivergent Artistic Practice"

Dr. Sneha Murali
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Stability and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Hydrodynamic Channel Flows and Quasi-two-dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Duct flows with Repeated Wedge-shaped Protrusions"

Dr. Bruno Vieira Ribeiro
(Specialisation: Earth sciences)
"From microanalysis to crustal-scale processes in Precambrian Provinces"

Dr. Shalini Darmaraju
(Specialisation: Mechatronics engineering)
"Enhanced Broadcast Control for Coverage Tasks of Multi-agent Systems"

Dr. Harry Richard Myrans
(Specialisation: Biological sciences general)
"Determining the species distributions, habitat suitability and conservation prospects of sorghum's wild relatives"

Augusta Vinall Richardson
(Specialisation: Fine art)
"Steel: the work of bodies"

Dr. Alan Thomas Samuel Davis
(Specialisation: Law)
"Are we there yet? Do the Victorian, NSW and ACT youth conferencing programs comply with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child?"

Dr. William Thomas Whitwell Nash
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Deep Learning for Automated Corrosion Detection"

Dr. Zhichen Wan
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Atomically Thin Semiconductors for Optoelectronic Applications"

Dr. Deborah Louise De Guingand
(Specialisation: Medicine, nursing and health sciences)
"Creatine metabolism in human pregnancy and the potential for oral creatine supplementation in pregnancy"

Qing Arn Ng
(Specialisation: Biomedical engineering)
"Mechanical Ventilation Monitoring: Development of a Network Data Acquisition System"

Dr. Bo Wang
(Specialisation: Transport engineering)
"Short-term traffic state estimation and prediction based on spatiotemporal neural networks"

Dr. Rodolfo Cesar De Oliveira Anderson
(Specialisation: Biological sciences general)
"Ecophysiological basis of lizards geographic distribution"

Dr. Andre Nogueira Alves
(Specialisation: Genetics)
"Nutritional plasticity in female fecundity: The impact of protein on egg production in Drosophila melanogaster"

Dr. Yuhe Wang
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Deformation twinning and dynamic recrystallisation during compression of extruded pure mg and its alloys"

Dr. Mostafa Dehghani
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Photocatalytic degradation of persistent organic pollutants in water using ZnO/CNF catalyst"

Dr. Sergio Nolazco Plasier
(Specialisation: Ecology and evolutionary biology)
"Why are females ornamented? A meta-analysis and case study"

Dr. Xiaohan Weng
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Chemically Patterned Steels"

Dr. Stephen Deng
(Specialisation: Mathematics)
"Scattering for the quadratic Klein-Gordon equation with inverse-square potential and related problems"

Dr. Victor Zhenquan Ong
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Use of Choline chloride-based deep eutectic solvents in delignification and valorisation of lignocellulosic biomass"

Dr. Tamara Kate Wilkinson
(Specialisation: Law)
"Leading Practice in the Design of Government Venture Capital Incentives"

Dr. Subhash Dhital
(Specialisation: Immunology)
"Role of Neisseria gonorrhoeae secreted outer membrane vesicles in immune modulation"

Dr. Jason Sam Palazzolo
(Specialisation: Biomedical science)
"Novel Therapeutic Avenues for the Treatment of Thrombosis and Ischaemic Stroke"

Enoch Yee Lok Wong
(Specialisation: Surgery)
"Utility of Body Composition Software in Indentifying Sarcopenia, and the Significance of Sarcopenia in Patients with Upper Gastrointestinal Malignancy"

Dr. Armin Ehrampoosh
(Specialisation: Mechatronics engineering)
"Haptics and Instrumentation for Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery"

Dr. Priyanka Parhi
(Specialisation: Microbial Biotechnology)
"Effect of Combination of Prebiotics and Sugars on the Growth, Survivability, Low-Temperature Storage and in Vitro Gastrointestinal Tolerance of Lactobacillus casei, Lactiplantibacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium longum, and Bifidobacterium breve"

Dr. Michelle Elizabeth Wai Ling Wong
(Specialisation: Immunology)
"Targeting the macrophage reservoir to achieve HIV cure"

Dr. Alireza Ghassemi
(Specialisation: Electrical engineering)
"Effects of Alternating Current (AC) on Li-ion Batteries Life Performances"

Dr. Ranasinghe Arachchige Harsha Dilshan Perera
(Specialisation: Software development)
"Operationalizing Human Values in Requirements Engineering"

Dr. Katrina Lee Woodford
(Specialisation: Radiation therapy)
"Feasibility of stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for locally-advanced non-small cell lung carcinoma"

Dr. Alice Mccance Gibson
(Specialisation: Management)
"Ethical Leadership as a Mode-of-Being: A Heideggerian Perspective"

Dr. Andrew Joseph Folkard Perrykkad
(Specialisation: Mathematics)
"Cutting-Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Methods and Models for Optimising Metropolitan Container Transportation"

Dr. Benjamin James Woods
(Specialisation: Fine art)
"Forming resonant situations: engaging the interval in performance and installation practices"

Dr. Claire Joyce Grant
(Specialisation: Literary studies)
"Materiality and Architecture in the Novels of Virginia Woolf"

Dr. Cami Isabel Plum
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Pharmaceutical interactions with microbiota in Water Chestnut (Trapa natans) beds of the Hudson River"

Dr. Chang Xu
(Specialisation: Environmental science)
"Interactions between coastal acid sulfate soils and greenhouse gas generation potential"

Dr. Sophie Louise Ham
(Specialisation: Mathematics)
"Geometric and canonical triangulations of highly twisted knots"

Dr. Stanislav Polishchuk
(Specialisation: Applied and computational mathematics)
"Advanced multi-level and multi-index Monte Carlo methods in uncertainty quantification"

Dr. Sasha Yang
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Elucidating the Mechanisms Governing the Formation and Fe-based Catalytic Upgrading of Lignocellulosic Bio-oil from Flash Pyrolysis"

Dr. Fairuz Halimah Binti Hashim
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Towards the Prediction of Solvent Structure and Thermodynamic Properties with Quantum Cluster Equilibrium Theory"

Dr. Esmaeil Pournamazian Najafabadi
(Specialisation: Structural engineering)
"Development of light-weight high-strength temporary structural propping systems: A multi-scale study"

Dr. Ru Ann Yean
(Specialisation: Genomics and Bioinformatics)
"Contemporary Evolution of Herbicide Resistance in Malaysian Weedy Rice"

Dr. Brian Haskins
(Specialisation: Public health general)
"The Importance of Bystander Participation for Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest in Victoria, Australia"

Dr. Megan Elizabeth Power
(Specialisation: Conceptual modelling)
"The institution and the network"

Dr. Mun Ching Yong
(Specialisation: Business and management - other)
"Factors affecting business taxpayer's compliance intention in the revised sales tax and service tax ("SST2.0") regime in Malaysia"

Dr. Prasadi Hatanwila Liyana Arachchige
(Specialisation: Community education)
"Environmentally-Sensitive Sustainability Leadership: A Study of the Attributes and Practices of Eco-Sensitive Sustainability Leaders Immersed in Community-Based Environmental Sustainability Education in Sri Lanka"

Dr. Kathryn Prame Kumar
(Specialisation: Immunology)
"The impact of stroke on gut permeability, motility, and immunity"

Dr. Syed Najam Abbas Zaidi
(Specialisation: Artificial intelligence)
"From Autoregressive to Non-Autoregressive: Studies on Text Generation in Neural Sequence Models"

Dr. Cassandra Jay Hatzipantelis
(Specialisation: Drug discovery biology)
"GPR52 agonists for the treatment of cognitive impairments associated with schizophrenia"

Dr. Likke Prawidya Putri
(Specialisation: Rural health)
"Improving the geographic distribution of doctors: an investigation of early career rural and remote practice and associated factors in Indonesia"

Dr. Yujia Zhang
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"The Functions of Autobiographical Memory in Patients with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders"

Dr. Difang Huang
(Specialisation: Econometrics)
"Essays in Program Evaluation"

Dr. Ratheesraj Ratinam
(Specialisation: Anatomy)
"Design and Production of an Open Carpal Tunnel Release Simulation Model using 3D Printing"

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