HDR completions

Join us in congratulating all our students who have successfully completed their research studies with us!

Congratulations to all those conferred in January 2021!

Dr. Ali Ameen Abd Ali
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Quantifying Energy Transfer in Quantum Dot: Dye Hybrid Nanoassemblies"

Dr. Adelle Jane Goodwin
(Specialisation: Astrophysics)
"On the Nature of Neutron Stars in Accreting Systems"

Dr. Ivana Nikoloska
(Specialisation: Communications technologies)
"On Resource Allocation in Machine-Type Communication Networks"

Dr. Ismail Abdul Hak
(Specialisation: International business)
"Performance Persistence under Complexity: The Role of Ownership Strategy and Linguistic & Religious Distance"

Dr. Isaac Kalman Greener
(Specialisation: Fine art)
"RECONSTRUCTING THE FRAME: Examining the Creative Process Through Wandering, Ritual and Rectification"

Dr. Nur Omar Macha
(Specialisation: Biomedical science)
"Identification and characterization of serum miRNAs as molecular biomarkers for single and dual dengue virus infection"

Dr. Mansura Akter
(Specialisation: Medicinal chemistry)
"Small Molecule Inhibitors of AMA1/RON2 Interaction as New Antimalarial Agents"

Dr. Mathias Henning Hansen
(Specialisation: Biomedical science)
"Structural characterization and computer-aided redesign of the substrate binding pockets of the selection domains  from mega-enzymes involved in glycopeptide antibiotic biosynthesis"

Dr. Kulandai Arockia Rajesh Packiam
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Machine learning-based prediction of optimal fermentation conditions for soluble protein production in periplasm of Escherichia coli"

Dr. Kirthi Aravind Menon
(Specialisation: Medicine, nursing and health sciences)
"Low-cost Interventions for Prevention of Metabolic Diseases"

Dr. Megan Anne Hansford
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"The Socio-Cultural Environment and the Posttraumatic Stress Response: Examining the Associations between Culture, Self-Construal, Social Relationships, Cognitive Appraisal, Coping Strategies and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder"

Brandon Wee Siang Phon
(Specialisation: Biomedical science)
"Role of RFamide-Related Peptide 3 in Glioblastoma"

Dr. Avanthi Isaka Badulla Liyanage
(Specialisation: Geotechnical engineering)
"Utilization of carbon dioxide as the working fluid in enhanced geothermal systems"

Dr. Peter David Harris
(Specialisation: Asian history)
"The Empire Looks South: Early Chinese Perceptions of Cambodia"

Dr. Wataketiya Walawwe Sameera Madushan Pitawala
(Specialisation: Geotechnical engineering)
"Characterisation of Fatigue Performance in Foamed Bitumen Stabilised Materials for Pavement Design"

Dr. Bronwyn Frances Bartal
(Specialisation: Law)
"Autonomy and Pregnancy"

Dr. Michelle Arlene Hill
(Specialisation: Science)
"Understanding attitudes to and increasing recognition and articulation of employability skills amongst science undergraduates"

Dr. Ruosang Qiu
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Effects of edge functional groups of graphene oxide membrane on the filtration process in microscale"

Dr. Prudence Nicole Blake
(Specialisation: Civil engineering)
"Investigating a New Approach to Market Change Measurement in Public Transport"

Dr. Mel Anthony Keenan
(Specialisation: Law)
"The western legal response to sorcery in colonial Papua and New Guinea"

Dr. Susan Dorothy Rule
(Specialisation: Environmental science)
"Millennial Perspectives on Tropical Environmental Variability from the Last Glacial through to the Holocene: a palaeoecological analysis from Lynch's Crater, northeast Queensland, Australia"

Janne Elizabeth Trelease Bowen
(Specialisation: Social research)
"Community-Based Emergency Planning: An Autoethnographic Approach to Exploring the Barriers and Solutions"

Dr. Sabeeha Nushrat Bibi Aisha Khadaroo
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Integration of thermal pretreatment and dewatering in the anaerobic co-digestion of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) for enhanced treatment performance in terms of biogas production and treated effluent quality"

Dr. Georgina Lois Rychner
(Specialisation: Historical studies)
"'The pendulum of the public mind': Insanity and activism in capital trials, 1880-1939"

Dr. Joshua Lennon Bulleid
(Specialisation: Literary studies)
"Vegetarianism and Science Fiction"

Dr. Jaclyn Leeza Lange
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Copper and Gallium PET Imaging Agents for Applications in HIV and Cancer"

Mohammed Zeehan Saleheen
(Specialisation: Electrical engineering)
"Performance analysis, techno-economic assessment, and optimization of Grid Connected PV (GCPV) system for commercial building"

Dr. Lay Tyng Chan
(Specialisation: Marketing)
Cleaning Up the System: A Tale of Paranoia and Practices"

Dr. Julien Charles Leyre
(Specialisation: Cultural theory)
"Chinese language learning in the twenty-first century: towards a digital ecosystem?"

Dr. Emily Robyn Scholes
(Specialisation: Microbiology)
"The causes of variability in the membrane bioreactor treatment of pulp and paper wastewater"

Dr. Yumin Chua
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"Psychological Resilience Mechanisms and Processes of the Semai Indigenous Communities in Peninsular Malaysia"

Dr. Pedro Miguel Lopes Moreira
(Specialisation: Genetics)
"The NFY transcription factor complex controls nervous system development in Caenorhabditis elegans"

Dr. Lydia Margaret Scott
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"A Synergistic Approach to Antimicrobial Synthesis"

Dr. Kylie Lynette Cocking
(Specialisation: Public health general)
"Who's watching the kids? Making young people explicit in integrated systems approaches to family and domestic violence"

Dr. Zola Pet Macarambon
(Specialisation: Communication & media studies general)
"Re-imagined Identities in the Artistic Diaspora: Filipino-ness as Contemporary Art in Australia"

Dr. Sachith Hasaranga Seneviratne
(Specialisation: Artificial intelligence)
"Automatic Code Generation for Statistical Models with Augmentation and Collapsing"

Dr. Stephanie Florence Cowan
(Specialisation: Nutrition and dietetics)
"Fighting Inflammation with Food: Investigating the effect of using a whole-of-diet approach to lower levels of inflammation in metabolically compromised adults"

Omar Ali Syadiqeen Malik
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Aerial Grasping by a Quadrotor UAV Based on a Soft Gripper"

Dr. Sonja Kiara Steffen
(Specialisation: Philosophy)
"Making sense of moral intuitions: our obligations to domesticated nonhuman animals"

Dr. Katherine Dorothy Cummins
(Specialisation: Haematology)
"Modification and targeting of myeloid cell surface antigens (CD33 and CD123) to enhance the therapeutic index of CAR T-cells for acute myeloid leukaemia"

Kym Maxwell
(Specialisation: Visual practices)
"Learning labour"

Dr. Robert John Stephens
(Specialisation: Education)
"The effect of rurality on the aspirations of students in rural government secondary schools in Victoria, Australia: The perspectives of students"

Dr. Lauren Kate Den Ouden
(Specialisation: Clinical neuropsychology)
"Transdiagnostic Compulsive Behaviour: A Multidimensional Investigation into the Affective Processes underlying Maladaptive Repetitive Behaviours"

Dr. Brendan Mclaren
(Specialisation: Clinical neuropsychology)
"Remote Assessment of Cognition Sleep and Physical Activity in Early Huntington's Disease"

Dr. Afifa Tamanna
(Specialisation: Structural engineering)
"Characterisation of bitumen-solvent mixtures for optimal performance of sprayed seal and implication to AS 3568"

Dr. Sarah-Louise Donovan
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"A systems perspective on safety leadership: Applications in the context of the mining industry"

Dr. Alexander Moersdorf
(Specialisation: Drug delivery sciences)
"Synthesis of fatty acid-terminated polymers by copper-mediated polymerization for drug delivery applications"

Dr. Fiona Thompson
(Specialisation: Information systems)
"Online legal information in Victoria and the development of legal capability in legal self-helpers"

Dr. Somayya Ebrahimkhani
(Specialisation: Image processing)
"Semantic Segmentation of Knee Articular Cartilage"

Dr. Hassan Abdalla Hassan Mohamed
(Specialisation: Law)
"The Problem of Performance Insecurity: Adopting the Doctrine of Anticipatory Non-Performance into UAE Law"

Dr. Anne Jane Whitworth
(Specialisation: Geochemistry)
"Iron isotope geochemistry and crystal chemistry of jarosite in acidic, sulfate-rich environments"

Dr. Salimeh Ebrahimnezhaddarzi
(Specialisation: Immunology)
"Studies on the role of MPEG1 in immunity"

Dr. Samantha Jane Munn
(Specialisation: Microbiology)
"Transcriptomic, proteomic and functional analysis of the plasmid pCS1-1 during spore formation in Paeniclostridium sordellii"

Dr. Boyao Wu
(Specialisation: Statistics)
"Statistical and Econometric Models for Financial Networks"

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