HDR completions

Join us in congratulating all our students who have successfully completed their research studies with us!

Congratulations to all those conferred in February and March 2021!

Dr. Iain Joseph Abbott
(Specialisation: Medicine, nursing and health sciences)
"Antimicrobial resistant urinary tract infections: Pharmacodynamic profiling of oral fosfomycin"

Dr. Maria Del Rocio Garcia Cruz
(Specialisation: Biomedical engineering)
"Bioprinted human cardiac constructs: a step towards cardiac regeneration utilising shear-thinning hydrogels"

Dr. Lorena Mitrione
(Specialisation: Accounting)
"Motivation and self-regulated learning strategies accounting students adopt in a blended learning environment"

Dr. Abdul Hasif Abd Rahim
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Development of Mechanical Stimuli-responsive Oil-Core Polymeric Microcapsules for Moisturising Glove Application"

Dr. Ariel Xiao-An Goh
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"Behavioural and Neurocomputational Studies on the Value of Information"

Dr. Elham Mohammadi Foomani
(Specialisation: Sociology of education)
"Iranian Women as English Teachers: A Case Study of Language, Identity, and Power"

Dr. Klaudia Adamus
(Specialisation: Biochemistry and molecular biology)
"Investigating the role of the SAGA complex in transcription of protein-coding genes"

Dr. Michael Joon Seng Goh
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Turbulence Strength Tomography via 3D Surface Transient Topology Reconstruction (STTR)"

Dr. Muthukumar Mohan
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"The protective role of Lipoxins against diabetes-associated atherosclerosis"

Abdulhakeem Oluwadare Adefioye
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Investigation of Bismuth Doping and Electrolyte on the Photoactivity and Photostability of ZnO Nanorods"

Dr. Stelliana Goutzamanis
(Specialisation: Public health - other)
"The impact of curative hepatitis C treatment on the health and wellbeing of people who inject drugs."

Dr. Anna Maria  Muccini
(Specialisation: Obstetrics and gynaecology)
"Studies on the Effects of Hypoxia and Creatine Availability on Mitochondrial Dynamics During Pregnancy"

Dr. Dery Tria Agustin
(Specialisation: Education - teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL))
"Indonesian EFL teachers' English language ideologies and classroom practices: A sociocultural activity theory perspective"

Dr. Kellie Elise Grant
(Specialisation: Health services management)
"Risk in allied health decision making"

Dr. Cammi Jane Murrup-Stewart
(Specialisation: Indigenous health)
""Connection to culture is like a massive lifeline": Yarning to further understand Young, Urban Aboriginal Perspectives and Experiences of Culture and Social and Emotional Wellbeing"

Dr. Mohammed Amer Abdulfattah Al-Ameri
(Specialisation: Environmental engineering)
"The Long-Term Retention of Heavy Metals in Biofiltration Systems"

Dr. James Joseph Grimmett
(Specialisation: Astrophysics)
"The Chemical Signature of Primordial Hypernovae"

Deira Louise Alexandra Bowie Nebauer
(Specialisation: Education - adult and work-based learning)
"'We're all in the same trench': The experience of learning in the stand-up open-mic community"

Azizah Ali S Algarni
(Specialisation: Pharmacy and pharmaceutical science)
"Delivery of pDNA using lipid nanoparticles: impact of lipid composition, molar ratio, and route of administration"

Dr. Sarah Jane Gutman
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"Advanced Tissue Characterisation Techniques in the Diagnosis and Management of Heart Disease"

Dr. Van Khac Nguyen
(Specialisation: Computer science)
"Deep Learning for Software Security"

Dr. Nasser Ibrahim A Allheeib
(Specialisation: Database management)
"Reverse Nearest Neighbourhood Search in Spatial Databases"

Dr. Nina Maree Hagan
(Specialisation: Immunology)
"Unique requirements for Ki-67 in mouse haematopoiesis"

Nur Aqirah Norizan
(Specialisation: Biomedical science)
"Association between viral load, level of pre-existing serotype-specific antibody and clinical manifestations in dengue infected patients"

Dr. Fahad Nasser A Alsunaydih
(Specialisation: Electronic engineering)
"Locomotion, Navigation and Safety Methodologies for Active Wireless Capsule Endoscopy and Flexible Endoscopy"

Dr. Adam George Hagg
(Specialisation: Physiology)
"Identification and targeting of novel cellular mechanisms to ameliorate cancer associated cachexia"

Dr. Stuart James Oldham
(Specialisation: Neuroscience)
"Mapping and Modelling Network Hubs of the Human Connectome"

Dr. Usama Ismail Mjbel Al-Zubaidi
(Specialisation: Reproduction and Clinical Embryology)
"The role of mitochondria-targeted therapeutics to improve oocyte quality in mice and humans"

Dr. Maryam Hassanzahraee
(Specialisation: Physiotherapy)
"The effects of anodal transcranial direct current stimulation on cortical and behavioural changes: An investigation of counter-regulatory mechanisms"

Dr. Man Kwan Ooi
(Specialisation: Biomedical science)
"Identification of CHIKV biomarkers in serum of CHIKV-infected mice and a high affinity ssDNA aptamer against E2 as bioreceptor for diagnosis"

Dr. Athauda Arachchige Tharindu Niroshan Athauda
(Specialisation: Electrical engineering)
"Chipless RFID sensing for Internet of Packaging (IoP)"

Dr. Brandon Junyin He
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Efficient Flow Chemistry for Large Scale Metal-Organic Framework Production"

Dr. Sangeetaprivya P.Siva
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Understanding the dynamics of droplet size evolution when stabilised by cellulose-nanocrystals during an ultrasound-assisted emulsification process via modelling approaches"

Dr. Kelly Jayne Atkins
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"The Conceptualisation and Measurement of Multidimensional Apathy in Huntington's Disease: A Mixed Method Examination"

Dr. Tobias Edward Hector
(Specialisation: Ecology and evolutionary biology)
"Infectious disease in a changing world: how infection can shape host and pathogen thermal performance"

Dr. Anthony James Pease
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"Towards optimal utilisation of technology in type 1 diabetes mellitus from a clinical and Australian health economic perspective"

Dr. Adina Leah Bankier-Karp
(Specialisation: Education)
"Catalysts of connectedness: An analysis of critical experiences associated with the sustained and transformed connectedness of Australian Jewish young adults"

Dr. Joshua Hendrikse
(Specialisation: Neuroscience)
"The effects of exercise and brain stimulation on neuroplasticity and cognition"

Dr. Tayla Rose Penny
(Specialisation: Obstetrics and gynaecology)
"Long-Term Effects of Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells as a Treatment for Neonatal Brain Injury"

Dr. Joanna Elena Batsakis
(Specialisation: Film and television)
"Dennis Hopper: Maestro of Film Art"

Dr. Tara Julia Hickey
(Specialisation: Psychiatry)
"Development and evaluation of a mindfulness and compassion program for youth with psychotic experiences"

Dr. Gerard Pernes
(Specialisation: Immunology)
"The Cellular Lipid Landscape is a Defining Trait of Human and Murine Immune Systems"

Dr. Eliza Claire Bentley
(Specialisation: Literary studies)
"Narrative Manipulations of Time Travel: Character Knowledge and Temporal Disruption in Fiction and Film"

Dr. Tara Julia Hickey
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"Development and evaluation of a mindfulness and compassion program for youth with psychotic experiences"

Dr. Muhammad Towfiqur Rahman
(Specialisation: Communications technologies)
"Towards a Gigabit-Class Visible Light Communication"

Harmeet Kaur Bhullar
(Specialisation: Surgery)
"The investigation of fat necrosis in abdominally based flaps utilised for breast reconstruction"

Dr. Su Min Hoi
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Unravelling the Thermofluids Interplays Between Fractal Induced Turbulence and HVAC Heat Exchanger"

Dr. Diana Carolina Ramirez Hernandez
(Specialisation: Clinical neuropsychology)
"A comparison of approaches to training the use of smartphone memory apps in people with acquired brain injury"

Dr. Casey Catherine Blundell
(Specialisation: Geology)
"An integrated structural, geophysical, geochemical and petrochronological study of the Otago Schist, New Zealand"

Dr. Jiayuan Huang
(Specialisation: Biomedical science)
"Systems Pharmacology of Lipid A Modifications Associated with Polymyxin Resistance in Gram-negative Bacteria"

Dr. Farah Rehan
(Specialisation: Pharmacy and pharmaceutical science)
"Formulation of Casein Nanomicelles as a Novel Anticancer Drug Delivery System"

Dr. Sharmayne Rukmini Emma Brady
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"Low back pain: novel risk factors and treatments"

Dr. Nicola Jane Huxley
(Specialisation: Health economics)
"Provider behaviour and quality of care in prostate cancer"

Elka Yasmin Joyce Sadler
(Specialisation: Philosophy)
"Lyotard's Immiscible Modes of Meaning: the plasticity of sensation and cognition and its significance for understanding Lyotard's relation to Hegel"

Dr. Nirmalene Lucinda Candappa
(Specialisation: Transport engineering)
"An investigation of fatal and serious injury wire rope safety barrier crashes using crash data and software simulation"

Dr. Angela Clare Jackson
(Specialisation: Health economics)
"Economics of Disability in Australia: Implementing a National Disability Insurance Scheme"

Dr. Hammad Saleem
(Specialisation: Pharmaceutical chemistry)
"Phytochemical and Biological Evaluation of Selected Medicinal Plants (from Pakistan)"

Dr. Sonia Ruth Cann-Milland
(Specialisation: Other education general)
"Establishing Stable Stepfamilies: The Perspectives of Recoupled Parents, Educators and Family Services Professionals"

Johnathan Goh Yue Herng
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Extraordinarily Enhanced Evaporation Of Water Droplets On Graphene-Nanostructured Coated Surfaces"

Dr. Carol Sandiford
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"A mixed-methods evaluation of an Australian school-based mentoring program"

Dr. Matthew Steven Ceko
(Specialisation: Physics)
"Discrete projection: Highly correlated arrays and ghosts for image reconstruction"

Dr. Fatema Taj Johora
(Specialisation: Education - Inclusion and Disability)
"Inclusive Education: Participation of Children with Disabilities in Australian Mainstream Preschools"

Dr. Feby Fariska Savira
(Specialisation: Medical science)
"Cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and the "cardiorenal syndrome": epidemiological modelling and emerging therapeutic targets"

Dr. Ali Chahine
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Crystal Engineering and Coordination Polymers to Discover New Materials for Gases Storage"

Justine Renae Joshua
(Specialisation: Historical studies)
""To Continue the Great Friendship": Eighteenth Century Luso-Chinese Diplomacy and the Endurance of Portuguese Macau"

Dr. Haopeng Shen
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"By-products from laser-material interactions in laser powder bed fusion of metal powders"

Dr. Esa Yan Horng Chen
(Specialisation: Pharmacy)
"Towards simpler medication regimens: understanding and addressing complex medication regimens for older people"

Dr. Bernard Zhern Yein Keo
(Specialisation: Asian history)
"An Unrealised Nation: A Political History of the Peranakan Chinese from Colony to Nation, 1945-1957"

Dr. E Arachchige Ranga Iroshanie Edirisinghe Siriwardhana
(Specialisation: Physiology)
"Failure to progress in labour: influence of BMI and maternal age"

Dr. Zijia Cheng
(Specialisation: Music education)
"Students' Motivation in Piano Learning: A Case Study in Australia"

Dr. Mohammad Firoz Khan
(Specialisation: Biochemistry and molecular biology)
"Structural and Functional Study on Bacterial Chemoreceptors"

Chun Kit Sit
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Direct Laser Deposition (DLD) of WC/Co cermets as wear-resistant coatings"

Dr. Britt Christensen
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"Improving Clinical, Endoscopic and Histological Outcomes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease"

Dr. Veasna Kheng
(Specialisation: Economics)
Essays on Open Economy"

Dr. Hang Su
(Specialisation: Rail operations)
"Plastic Deformation of Flash Butt Welds in High Strength Rail Steels in Heavy Haul Railway Systems"

Dr. Paul Rodrigo Fule Cordero
(Specialisation: Microbiology)
"Cellular and molecular basis of atmospheric hydrogen and carbon monoxide oxidation in mycobacteria"

Kerry Maree Kirwan
(Specialisation: Historical studies)
"There and Back Again: the significance of far-travel and far-travellers in the Icelandic sagas"

Dr. Dinithi Navodhya Sumanaweera
(Specialisation: Computer science)
"Minimum Message Length Inference of Protein Alignments and Statistical Models of Amino Acid Evolution"

Dr. Olga Danilova
(Specialisation: Education - early childhood)
"Dramatic Moments in the Everyday Life of Young Children:  A Cultural-Historical Study of Children's Learning to Self-Regulate in Kitezh Community, Russia"

Dr. Jake Blair Kraska
(Specialisation: Education psychology)
"Advancing the measurement of cognitive ability: Developing a Cattell-Horn-Carroll computer adaptive screening test"

Dr. Shih Joo Tan
(Specialisation: Criminology)
"Gendered Labour, Everyday Security and Migration: An Examination of Domestic Work and Domestic Workers' Experiences in Singapore and Hong Kong"

Dr. Tanya Lorraine Davies
(Specialisation: Sociology of education)
""But we're not a multicultural school": Local space, cultural difference and the challenges of intercultural education at one Australian secondary school"

Dr. Yudhi Dwi Kurniawan
(Specialisation: Organic chemistry)
"Synthetic Routes to Bioactive Heterocycles - Studies toward the frameworks of zaragozic acids and polyandrocarpamide D"

Dr.  Teh Yong Yuan
(Specialisation: Management)
"Developing a Practitioner's Social Innovation Framework: Definitions, Outcomes and Processes"

Dr. Constance De Silva
(Specialisation: Linguistics)
"Press Advertising Language 1800s-1950s: a Linguistic Study in the Australian Context"

Dr. Emma  Lamanna
(Specialisation: Pharmacology)
"Characterising pulmonary artery changes in mouse models of lung disease"

Dr. Melinda Jane Thambi
(Specialisation: Education - school leadership)
"School leaders' perceptions of fear: an interpretative phenomenological study"

Dr. Domingu Badaturuge Udeni Shanika De Silva Perera
(Specialisation: Econometrics)
"Essays on Child Growth in Sri Lanka: An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Sectors, Interventions and Natural Disasters"

Dr. Yu Fung Lee
(Specialisation: Civil engineering)
"Nonlinear vibro- acousto- ultrasonic waves for fatigue cracking detection in key rail components"

Dr. Simon Lee Turner
(Specialisation: Public health - other)
"Examination of statistical methods to analyse interrupted time series studies in public health"

Dr. Dariel Allison De Sousa
(Specialisation: Law general)
"Regulating Systemic Risks: Lessons from the regulation of climate change risks to Australian infrastructure"

Aliza Levi
(Specialisation: Fine art)
"The artist as witness: a colony under gaze"

Dr. Jennifer Chelsea Veres
(Specialisation: Management)
"Personality Antecedents of Adolescent Leader Behaviour: The Moderating Role of Parents, Peers, and Teachers"

Dr. Davina Dias
(Specialisation: Management)
"Work engagement amongst immigrant employees in Australia: The role of cultural experiences, intercultural competence and diversity climate perceptions"

See Loong Li
(Specialisation: Biomedical engineering)
"Model-based and Trend Analysis for Haemodialysis Patients"

Dr. Lydia Angelina Chai Yun Wan
(Specialisation: Music education)
"Instrumental practice with digital technology:  Facilitating children's self-regulation of music learning"

Dr. Thusharika Dilrukshi Dissanayaka
(Specialisation: Physiotherapy)
"Transcranial pulsed current stimulation: A new neuromodulatory technique for the induction of changes in cortical plasticity and neural oscillations"

Dr. Solomon Tung Kit Lin
(Specialisation: Structural engineering)
"BrIM-based Structural Life Cycle Assessment of Bridges Incorporating Finite Element Analysis and Real-Time Sensor Measurements"

Dr. Lin Wang
(Specialisation: Manufacturing engineering)
"Particle scale modelling of powder spreading in powder bed fusion additive manufacturing"

Dr. Clare Majella Diviny
(Specialisation: Film and television)
"Supernatural Teen Television: Antecedents,  Influences, Characters and Meanings"

Dr. Wing Pui Amy Liu
(Specialisation: Ecology)
"Strangers in a strange land: key physiological innovations underpin radiation into hot, dry niches by the genus Seira (Collembola: Entomobryoidea)"

Dr. Cory Israel Wasser
(Specialisation: Clinical neuropsychology)
"The Gut-Brain Axis in HD"

Dr. Danielle Frances D'Souza
(Specialisation: Microbiology)
"CppA: A putative major fimbrial protein and novel virulence factor for clostridial myonecrosis"

Dr. Nien Loong Loo
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Asynchronous Breathing and Patient Ventilator Interaction Assessment: A Machine Learning Approach"

Chieh Chieng Woo
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Systematic Approach for Quick Diagnosis/Root Cause Investigation of Noise from Steering"

Dr. Yang Duan
(Specialisation: Business decision support systems)
"An intelligent system-based approach to accounting method selection"

Dr. Xuan Dai Lu
(Specialisation: Civil engineering)
"Cracking and rutting of asphalt concrete: experimental and micromechanics-based numerical investigation"

Dr. Yingjie Wu
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Engineering phonon polaritons in molybdenum trioxide by intercalation"

Dr. Jayshri Milind Dumbre
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Precipitation of Sc-containing phases in Al-Si-Sc alloys"

Dr. Fatemehalsadat Madani
(Specialisation: Marketing)
"Household Life Cycle Transitions: Implications for Grocery Consumption"

Dr. Luke Adam Wylie
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Tailoring Ionic Liquids to Stabilise Organic Radicals"

Dr. Alexandra Margaret Dunwill
(Specialisation: Sociology of education)
"Elite schools in Poland: Four angles of scrutiny"

Dr. Ruth Rebecca Magaye
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"Sphingolipids in cardiac remodelling: Molecular mechanisms and potential therapeutic targets"

Dr. Ying Yang
(Specialisation: Computer science)
"Effective Visualisations of Large Ontologies and Associations"

Dr. Jennifer Ellen Ellis
(Specialisation: Religion and religious studies)
"'She took a veil and covered herself': Women and their veils in the Hebrew Bible"

Dr. Tess Rosalie Malcolm
(Specialisation: Biochemistry and molecular biology)
"Structural, kinetic and biophysical characterization of the Plasmodium M1 and M17 aminopeptidases"

Dr. Yiing Jye Yap
(Specialisation: Neuroscience)
"Neuroprotective mechanism of melatonin on ATP13A2-deficient Parkinson's disease in vitro model: a proteomics analysis"

Dr. Pedro Figueroa Romero
(Specialisation: Physics)
"Equilibration and Typicality in Quantum Processes"

Dr. Violette Elizabeth Mcgaw
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"Veteran Families with PTSD: An Insider's Perspective"

Dr. Lina Zhang
(Specialisation: Econometrics)
"Identification and Estimation of Causal Treatment Effects: Instrumental Variable Approaches"

Dr. Licia Finotto
(Specialisation: Marine science)
"Reproductive and energetic consequences of fishing capture on chondrichthyan species"

Dr. Troy Geoffrey McGee
(Specialisation: Industrial design)
"Speculative service design: A provocation for a possible future for the emergency department waiting room"

Dr. Xin Zhang
(Specialisation: Drug discovery biology)
"Understanding structure and activation of GLP-1R"

Dr. Jonathan Shi En Foo
(Specialisation: Health professions education)
"Demonstrating, Disseminating, and Directing Economic Evaluations for Health Professions Education Research"

Dr. Lucy Olivia McNeill
(Specialisation: Astrophysics)
"Studies in stellar oscillations and rotation with applications to compact objects"

Dr. Xuhui Zhang
(Specialisation: Computer science)
"Discovering and Learning Causal Bayesian Models with Latent Variables"

Dr. Dylan Michael Fox
(Specialisation: Neuroscience)
"The Inferior Pulvinar Plays an Integral Role in the Development of Visuomotor Behaviour and Following an Early-Life Lesion of V1"

Dr. Daniel Frydlender Mentiplay
(Specialisation: Astrophysics)
"Smoothed particle hydrodynamics modelling of dusty protoplanetary discs"

Dr. Yaqi Zhang
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Development and application of integrated microfluidic platform for  low-loss proteome sample preparation"

Dr. Lisa Qi Fu
(Specialisation: Industrial design)
"Getting on board: designing the user experience of bicycles on Melbourne's future metro trains"

Dr. Yonatan Moges Mesfin
(Specialisation: Epidemiology)
"Syndromic vaccine safety surveillance: an alternative approach for vaccine safety signal detection"

Dr. Guixiang Zhao
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Development of Hierarchical Carbon Nanotube-Glass Fibre Composites"

Dr. Runfang Fu
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Soft Plasmonics Based on Plasmene Nanosheets"

Dr. Rowan James Sinclair Miller
(Specialisation: Radiology)
"Establishing Prostate MRI as a Standard of Care in Early Prostate Cancer Detection"

Dr. Enzu Zheng
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Turbulent coarse-particle non-Newtonian suspension flow"

Dr. Matthew Edward Brick Fyfield
(Specialisation: Information and communications technology in education)
"Selection and use of instructional videos by secondary teachers: knowledge and context"

Dr. Parvathy Mini Radhakrishnan Nair
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Lanthanide-based chemosensors for the detection of environmentally and biologically relevant ions"

Dr. Hanbang Zou
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Microfluidic platforms for analysing the development of miscibility"

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