HDR completions

Join us in congratulating all our students who have successfully completed their research studies with us!

Congratulations to all those conferred in August and September 2021!

Mohd Syamil Abdul Razak
(Specialisation: Natural Product Chemistry)
"The Effect Of Light-Emitting Diodes On The Growth, Antioxidant And Anti-Microbial Activity Of Misai Kucing (Orthosiphon Stamineus)"

Dr. Arif Ibrahim
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Nano-confined multi-component metal hydride system for hydrogen sensing application"

Dr. Supriya Patibanda
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Mechanical Properties of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia at Small length scale: an experimental and Modeling Study"

Dr. Haybatullah Mohamed Abouzeid
(Specialisation: History)
"Understanding Islam in the Modern World: A comparative analysis of Bernard Lewis and John Esposito"

Dr. Moh Syahrun Ibrahim
(Specialisation: Education - general)
"Supporting and Hindering Factors On The Current Practices Of Parent-School Partnership: An Exploratory Case Study Of Senior High School In Indonesia"

Dr. Akshay Tukaram Patil
(Specialisation: Engineering - other)
"Monitoring Snow Water Equivalent in the Indian Himalayas"

Dr. Sagar Narhari Agnihotri
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Experimental study on droplet breakup in two-phase Microfluidic System"

Dr. Junaida Shezmin Zavahir Ismail
(Specialisation: Analytical chemistry)
"Advanced Studies in Gas Chromatography, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry"

Dr. Susan Paudel
(Specialisation: Epidemiology)
"Physical activity participation and chronic diseases among Nepalese adults"

Amr Ahmed Farouk Abdelhady
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Development of a Sustainable Eco industrial park via Process System Design and Optimization"

Dr. Molly Louise Johnston
(Specialisation: Reproductive biology)
"A Critical Review of Access to Egg Freezing in Victoria, Australia"

Dr. Sreejata Paul
(Specialisation: Literary studies)
"From Abarodh to Mehfil: On Reading Colonial Bengal's Muslim Women Writers"

Dr. Roshni Ali
(Specialisation: International business)
"Socioemotional Wealth and Family Firms' Internationalisation"

Dr. Vinutha K B
(Specialisation: Biochemistry and molecular biology)
"Elucidating the composition and functions of remodel the structure of Chromatin (RSC) complex in Candida albicans"

Dr. Mehnaz Pervin
(Specialisation: Biomedical science)
"Investigating post-translational regulation of GILZ: Towards a new anti-inflammatory therapy"

Dr. Hamed Allahyari
(Specialisation: Structural engineering)
"Experimental, numerical, and analytical studies of self-healing and normal concrete subjected to alkali-silica reaction"

Dr. Rahini Ragavan Kakumanu
(Specialisation: Pharmacology)
"Investigating cardiovascular activities of animal venom"

Dr. Armin Pourkhanali Koudehi
(Specialisation: Statistics)
"Modelling and forecasting volatility in Applied Econometrics"

Dr. Dalal Saeed A Alqarni
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Heterogeneous Catalysis with Metal Organic Framework (MOF) - derived materials"

Dr. Bhaveshkumar Bavabhai Kamaliya
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Study of Ion Beam Interaction with Materials and Nanostructure Fabrication"

Dr. Jill Marie Pullen
(Specialisation: Psychiatry)
"Experiences of psychoanalytic psychotherapy for young people with a major mental Illness, and their psychotherapists within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services"

Dr. Thamer Talla H Alshammari
(Specialisation: Computer science, info systems)
"Factors Affecting Citizens' Continuance Intentions of Mobile Government"

Dr. Yuan Kang
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"2D Laminar Membranes for Selective Water and Ion Transport"

Dr. Chunkai  Qiu
(Specialisation: Electrical & electronic eng & tech general)
"Wearable and Self-Powered Sensors for Healthcare and Human-Machine Interaction Applications"

Dr. Ellie Aniulis
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"Attentional and Perceptual Responses to Diverse Body Types: Cognitive Contributors to Body Ideals"

Dr. Diptesh Kanojia
(Specialisation: Artificial intelligence)
"Investigations into Distributional Semantics for Cognate Detection and Phylogenetics"

Dr. Hongbo Qiu
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Design of Thin Film Luminescent Solar Concentrators and VO2 Smart Windows for Building Integration Application"

Dr. Diane Apostolopoulos
(Specialisation: Medicine, nursing and health sciences)
"Adverse Outcomes Associated with Glucocorticoids in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus"

Dr. Rezvan Karami
(Specialisation: Biomedical engineering)
"Engineering interleukin-1 receptor antagonist and platelet-derived growth factor-BB for regenerative medicine applications"

Dr. Rejitha Nath Ravindra
(Specialisation: Operations research and information management)
"Practice Based Optimisation of Bus-Train Timetable Coordination"

Dr. Atsede Fantahun Aregay
(Specialisation: Nursing - palliative care)
"Investigation of a Sustainable Public Health Approach to the Provision of Palliative Care: A Regional Case-Study in Ethiopia"

Dr. Ishdeep Kaur
(Specialisation: Nanomedicine)
"Combination of chemotherapy and hyperthermia using targeted nanoparticles"

Dr. Daniel Rojas Sanchez
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Sustainability assessment framework for carbon capture and utilisation"

Dr. Abirami Priyadarshini Babu
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Development of high solute aluminium alloys in net shape through additive manufacturing"

Dr. Ahmad Kazemi
(Specialisation: Applied and computational mathematics)
"New Aggregation Methods for Multicommodity Network Flow Problems: Theory and Applications to Locomotive Refueling"

Keya Roy
(Specialisation: Transport engineering)
"Modelling and Evaluating the Deployment of an Autonomous Vehicle Zone in Transportation Networks"

Dr. Sareh Bahrololoom
(Specialisation: Transport engineering)
"Investigating the factors affecting bicycle-car crash severity at intersections using a combination of Newtonian Mechanics and statistical modelling"

Dr. Alastair Charles Keen
(Specialisation: Drug discovery biology)
"Kinetic studies of dopamine D2 receptor molecular pharmacology"

Dr. Rohit Saluja
(Specialisation: Artificial intelligence)
"Robust Multilingual OCR: from Ancient Indic Texts to Modern Indian Street Signs"

Dr. Shivali Banerjee
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Production of bio-based chemicals from pineapple processing wastes"

Dr. Sarah Pheik Hoon Khor
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"Parental factors associated with sleep in adolescents experiencing anxiety and/or depression"

Dr. Antonietta Angela Sanfilippo
(Specialisation: Education - other)
"A study of Young Victorian Muslims' Lived Experiences, Identities and Counternarratives"

Dr. Ketki Nilesh Bhandari
(Specialisation: Education - general)
"Exploring Teachers' Perceptions of Spirituality and its Impact on their Teaching"

Dr. Lisa Kruesi
(Specialisation: Information management)
"Conceptualisation of an Australasia Open Biomedical Repository from a Knowledge Management System Perspective"

Dr. Urooza Chandramouli Sarma
(Specialisation: Biomedical science)
"Characterising the impact of Chlamydia infection on ovarian structure and function"

Dr. Lingbin Bian
(Specialisation: Mathematics and statistics)
"Bayesian change-point detection for dynamic functional brain networks"

Dr. Kiran Kumari
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Computing the spatial organization and dynamics of chromatin domains"

Dr. Tahnee Leona Sarah Saunders
(Specialisation: Biochemistry and cell biology)
"The Fate of Mitochondria During Apoptosis"

Dr. Maher Boudabra
(Specialisation: Mathematics)
"On some problems related to exit times of planar Brownian motion"

Dr. Van Thi Thanh Lai
(Specialisation: Education - teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL))
"EFL students' development of intercultural competence in the instructed context: Case studies of Vietnamese undergraduate students"

Dr. Fatemeh Sadat Shahmehr
(Specialisation: Management)
"Service Innovation in Not-for-Profit Care Providing Organisations: an Absorptive Capacity Perspective"

Dr. Rebecca Carter
(Specialisation: Education)
"(Un)Schooling Gender. Realising the STEM Potential of 'Maker Technologies'"

Dr.  Lalhruaizela
(Specialisation: Electronic & computing)
"Effective Content Delivery with Distributed Edge Caching in WiFi Networks"

Dr. Shahriar Hasan Shehab
(Specialisation: Electrical & electronic eng & tech general)
"Planar Array Antennas for Soil Moisture Sensing Radiometer"

Dr. Sarah Rosanna Catford
(Specialisation: Obstetrics and gynaecology)
"Health and fertility of ICSI-conceived young men"

Dr. Jillian Shu Yun Lau
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"Social and clinical studies of interventions towards HIV cure"

Dr. Abhishek Singh
(Specialisation: Materials chemistry)
"Molecular Architectures Tuned by Non-Covalent Interactions for the Study and Development of Functional Materials"

Dr. Peter Geoffrey Chandler
(Specialisation: Biochemistry and molecular biology)
"Development and differentiation of hyperstable consensus monobodies based on the type 3 fibronectin domain"

Dr. Sophia Helen Lea
(Specialisation: Education psychology)
"Healing Spaces for Therapy: The Influence of Room Design on Psychotherapeutic Processes"

Dr. Cory David Smith
(Specialisation: Inorganic chemistry)
"Rationalising the Formation and Properties of Novel Main-Group Complexes Using Computational Methods"

Dr. Alok Chaudhari
(Specialisation: Geochemistry)
"Nanoporosity in sulfide minerals, controls on mineral formation and mineral reactivity"

Dr. Candice Laure Monique Lemaitre
(Specialisation: Business and commercial law)
"The Transfer of Business Anti-Corruption Norms into Vietnam"

Dr. Dasa Spasojevic
(Specialisation: Architecture)
"Entangled with Water: Participation and design of water and sanitation infrastructure in Indonesia"

Yin Hui Cheng
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"A Study on the Formulation of Eutectic Fatty Acids Microcapsules with Various Polymer Shells"

Dr. Jonathan Eng Ho Ling
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"Solid organ pancreas transplantation in Australia and New Zealand: A review of pancreas retrieval and utilisation practices and current donor and recipient suitability criteria"

Dr. Gayathri Sridhar
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"On the metastable pitting of aluminium alloys"

Dr. Kung Man Matthew Cheung
(Specialisation: Drama, theatre and performance studies)
"Towards principles of performative pedagogy: Drama and additional language development (DALD)"

Dr. Juan Liu
(Specialisation: International business)
"Switch industry or internationalize? Two boundary-crossing strategies in response to performance feedback"

Dr. Tanya Stephenson
(Specialisation: Education - early childhood)
"Conceptual PlayWorlds for increasing girls' engagement in STEM: A cultural-historical study of the professional development of early childhood teachers for practice change"

Dr. Gopikrishnan Chirappurathu Remesan
(Specialisation: Mathematics)
"Modelling and numerical analysis of complex tumour models"

Dr. Jun Liu
(Specialisation: Biology)
"Mitochondrial heterogeneity and sorting in mammalian oocytes and pre-implantation embryos"

John Etienne Stewart
(Specialisation: Mathematics)
"Constructing Knot Complements with Specified Geometric Limits"

Dr. Christopher Dwayne Kwet Vee Chung Kim Chung
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Studies on spherical shaped liquid drops and their use in applications"

Dr. Lingling Liu
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Modelling and optimization of ironmaking blast furnace with an integrated mathematical model"

Dr. Prakash Subedi
(Specialisation: Literary studies)
"Rewriting the Nation: Politics, Culture, and Representation in Contemporary Nepali Literature"

Dr. Shamil Deshan Cooray
(Specialisation: Medicine)
"Prediction Modelling for Risk-Stratified Care in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus"

Elisabeth Megan Lopez Desvars
(Specialisation: Human Rights Law)
"Win the Battle, Lose the Lore: Human Rights Subjectivity and Indigeneity"

Dr. Bill John Swannie
(Specialisation: Law)
"Clarifying the Protective Purpose of s 18C: An Interests-Based Analysis of Australia's Racial Vilification Laws"

Dr. Vanessa Copa Torrez
(Specialisation: Environmental sociology)
"Leapfrogging toward sustainability - dynamics from a developing city perspective"

Dr. Sibimol Luke
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Development of Antimony-based Robust Electrocatalysts for Low-pH Water Oxidation"

Dr. Yongding Tian
(Specialisation: Civil engineering)
"Advanced Sensing Technologies for Rapid Condition Monitoring of Bridges:Theoretical Modelling,Numerical Simulation and Experimental Verification"

Dr. Andrew William Corcoran
(Specialisation: Philosophy)
"Allostasis and uncertainty: An active inference perspective"

Dr. Bala Gopal Maddala
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Ultrafast hot carrier relaxation and charge transfer in nanoparticle assemblies and nanoconjugates"

Dr. Nebojsa Tomasevic
(Specialisation: Automotive engineering)
"Drivers' Willingness to Engage Level 3 Vehicle Automation"

Dr. James Leslie Curnow
(Specialisation: Film and television)
"No Such Thing as Heroes: Clint Eastwood, Metahistorian"

Dr. Wee Li Mah
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Microwave-assisted synthesis, characterisation, and evaluation of biological activities of pyridine-functionalised (benz)imidazolium salts"

Dr. Boris Trbic
(Specialisation: Media studies)
"A Cinema of Survival: Palestinian Minor Transnational Cinema Post-1980"

Dr. Alison May Davis
(Specialisation: Geochemistry)
"Silver isotope analysis of gold-silver alloys with applications to mineral deposit genesis"

Dr. Muhammad Hasnain Malik
(Specialisation: Information technology - other)
"Performance Testing Approach to Improve Scalability of Web Services by Addressing Web services Anomalies"

Dr. Yan Chi Tung
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"The impact of Resilience in the context of Risky Early Family Environment on Responses to Stress during a Transition Period among Emerging Adults"

Dr. Thusitha Thilina Dayaratne
(Specialisation: Information technology - other)
"False Data Injection Attacks Against Distributed Residential Demand Response Systems in Smart Grids"

Dr. Kristie Lee Matthews
(Specialisation: Radiation therapy)
"Implementing Radiation Therapy Advanced Practice: A Grounded Theory Study"

Dr. Kenneth Chibueze Ugochukwu
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Potential of first-order magnetic phase transition for biomedical applications"

Dr. Megelhewage Prabashi Upadhya Dharmasiri
(Specialisation: Accounting)
"Two Essays on Social Ties and Economic Outcomes"

Dr. Susan Elizabeth Maury
(Specialisation: Psychology)
"Benefits of group singing for ageing well: An investigation of whether group singing achieves unique socio-emotional benefits when compared to other social leisure groups"

Dr. Michael Peter Von'T Steen
(Specialisation: Geotechnical engineering)
"Evaluation of the Stiffness of a Synthetic Soft Rock using Bender Elements"

Dr. Michael Fausto Di Donato
(Specialisation: Occupational health and safety)
"Best Practice Care in Compensated Australian Workers with Low Back Pain"

Deanna Lea Mccall
(Specialisation: Social work)
"Factors Influencing Equity Students Enrolment In Pathway Programs In Higher Education: A Snapshot Of Students' Reasons For Enrolling And Their Hopes For The Future"

Dr. Thang Vu Dinh
(Specialisation: Metallurgy)
"Surface precipitation on engineering alloys"

Dr. Jiayin  Diao
(Specialisation: Drug discovery biology)
"Investigating the therapeutic potential of targeting the calcium-sensing receptor in asthma"

Dr. James Robert Mcfadyen
(Specialisation: Neuroscience)
"Robust coding of eye position in visual cortex"

Dr. Peter Vuong
(Specialisation: Banking and finance)
"Essays on Socially Responsible Behaviour"

Dr. Shuo Dong
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Advanced Redox Materials For Non-aqueous Redox Flow Batteries"

Dr. Kim Helene Mcgrath
(Specialisation: Political science)
"Correcting the Record - Australia's Timor Sea Energy Diplomacy in the 1960s and 1970s"

Dr. Qiaochu Wang
(Specialisation: Biomedical science)
"Does exposure to ionising radiation and chemotherapy damage mitochondria within oocytes?"

Dr. Hoang Long Du
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Electrochemical systems for sustainable ammonia production"

Dr. Alexandra Aimee Mcrobert
(Specialisation: Architecture)
"Holistic Housebuilding: towards a framework for improving housing affordability"

Dr. Yi Tian Wang
(Specialisation: Physiotherapy)
"Physical rehabilitation in the intensive care unit"

Dr. Shengrong Du
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Polymer Composite Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering"

Dr. Hyab Mehari Abraha
(Specialisation: Anatomy)
"Biomechanical insights  into the repair of mandibular angle fracture"

Dr. Dinesha Wanigarathna Jayasekara
(Specialisation: Geotechnical engineering)
"Evaluation of long-term stability of caprock sealing under deep saline CO2 sequestration environment"

Dr. Gan Duan
(Specialisation: Geochemistry)
"Mechanisms and dynamics of mineral-fluid reactions from Near Surface to Upper Earth Crust"

Dr. Jennifer Miles
(Specialisation: Education)
"Building Connections in Vocational Education and Training: Enacting a Humanising Pedagogy of VET"

Dr. Rebecca Lee Whitehouse
(Specialisation: Structure based drug design)
"Application of orthogonal fragment-based design strategies to EcDsbA"

Dr. Mohsen Ebrahimzadeh Hassanabadi
(Specialisation: Structural engineering)
"Output-Only Infrastructure System Identification via Recursive Bayesian Estimators and Recursive Proper Orthogonal Decomposition"

Dr. Rahul Mishra
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Computational study of the Effect of Structural Viscoelasticity on two-dimensional Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems"

Dr. Akuratiya Gamage Chanaka Sandaruwan Wijewardena
(Specialisation: International business)
"Change is inevitable, growth is intentional: The behavioral roots of SMEs' export opportunity exploration in Sri Lanka"

Dr. Camilla Rose Fisher
(Specialisation: Chemical sciences - other)
"Increasing the persistence of female students in the science career pathway: a cross-institutional Australian study on the gendered experience of undergraduate science students"

Dr. Aria Moradshahi
(Specialisation: Geotechnical engineering)
"Role of temperature and soil properties on the thermal interaction between energy piles"

Dr. Tobias Dana Williams
(Specialisation: Biochemistry and cell biology)
"A Checkpoint that Links mRNA Export Competence with Replication Stress and Genomic Integrity"

Dr. Vivek Francis
(Specialisation: Ocean engineering)
"Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Thin Porous Barriers"

Dr. Ahmad Mujtaba
(Specialisation: Aerospace engineering)
"Mode I, Mode II and Mixed Mode (I/II) Delaminations in Aerospace Composites"

Dr. William Wong
(Specialisation: Neuroscience)
"The Dream Catcher Test and Spectral Markers of Dreaming Consciousness in NREM Sleep"

Dr. Kahsu Gebrekirstos Gebrekidan
(Specialisation: Nursing - children)
"Determinants for exclusive breastfeeding among employed mothers in Northern Ethiopia: a mixed methods study"

Dr. Abhishek Mukherjee
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Modelling cancer mechanics across multiple length scales: from basic understanding to applications"

Dr. Wai Kit Woo
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Enhanced thermophysical properties of carbon nanomaterials synthesized via liquid-phase pulsed laser ablation"

Dr. Kamani Indrachapa Gettapola
(Specialisation: Electronic & computing)
"Analysis of Controlling and Directional Transport of Excitons in Plasmonic Nanostructures under Optical Strong Coupling"

Dr. Balamurugan Nallamuthu
(Specialisation: Business economics)
"Institutional Reforms of Water Supply Services in Peninsular Malaysia: A Performance Analysis"

Dr. Helen Louise Woodford
(Specialisation: Education)
"English Teacher Use of Facebook for Professional Learning"

Dr. Arnab Ghosh
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Metal oxide/sulfur composite cathodes for room-temperature lithium-sulfur and sodium-sulfur batteries"

Dr. Ashwin Lakshman Nandagiri
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Beating Patterns and Energetics of Sperm Flagella"

Dr. Laura Cynthia Woods
(Specialisation: Ecology and evolutionary biology)
"The Genetics of Adaptation in Experimental Microbial Populations Evolving with Horizontal Gene Transfer"

Dr. John Bertram Gruner
(Specialisation: Bioethics)
"What a patient and doctor owe each other; the ethics of hope and trust in a fallibilist model of the doctor-patient relationship"

Dr. Cuong Ky Nguyen
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Engineering and characterization of nanocrystals for energy conversion and environmental applications"

Dr. Zehuan Wu
(Specialisation: Aerospace engineering)
"The Study of Coherent Structures in Adverse Pressure Gradient Turbulent Couette-Poiseuille Flows with Zero Mean Skin Friction"

Dr. Tharindi Rangitha Gunaratna Nugawela
(Specialisation: Economics)
"Revisiting the Evidence on Capital Openness Using a New Indicator"

Dr. Trung Kien Nguyen
(Specialisation: Sociology)
"Understanding Disaster Vulnerability in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta"

Christopher Yung Phing Yap
(Specialisation: Pharmacy and pharmaceutical science)
"The Effects of Clioquinol, Zinc and Copper on the Abundance and Function of Breast Cancer Resistance Protein in Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells"

Dr. Aditya Gupta
(Specialisation: Civil engineering)
"Peak Load Estimation due to Debris Flow During Tsunami and its Mitigation using Coastal Vegetation"

Dr. Xuan Anh Nguyen
(Specialisation: Biomedical engineering)
"An Intelligent System for Skills Assessment in Surgical Training"

Dr. Ming Li Yee
(Specialisation: Medical science)
"Sarcopenia in older women"

Dr. Prashant Gupta
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Development of Fuel Flexible Reformer for small scale hydrogen generation"

Dr. Wei Ning
(Specialisation: Mathematics)
"Applications of Stochastic Control Theory for Portfolio Optimization"

Dr. Li-Fang Yeo
(Specialisation: Microbiology)
"Microbiomes and Health of the Orang Asli"

Dr. Hoang Yen Ha
(Specialisation: Sociology)
"Coming (out) to the city: Lived experiences of rural to urban migration amongst LGBTIQ+ youth in Vietnam"

Dr. Dastan Nurmukan
(Specialisation: Mechanical engineering)
"Experimental Study on the Fundamental Combustion Characteristics of Biogas and Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes blended Palm Oil Biodiesel"

Dr. Sun Yee Yip
(Specialisation: Education)
"Optimising the Professional Adaptation of Asian Australian Immigrant Teachers"

Dr. Md Shahrier Haider
(Specialisation: Education - Inclusion and Disability)
"Digital technology and disabled students' experience of higher education in Bangladesh"

Dr. Benjamin O'Hara
(Specialisation: Education systems)
"Music business education in the new music industries"

Dr. Lee Li Yong
(Specialisation: Geotechnical engineering)
"Investigation of Leachate Transport through Residual Soil Liners in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills"

Dr. Neeraj Hanumante
(Specialisation: Chemical engineering)
"Sustainability in a global circular economy: Insights from an integrated planetary model"

Dr. Andrea Pagani
(Specialisation: Literature in Italian)
"Beyond Pinocchio: Italian National Identity In Carlo Collodi's Works For Primary Schools (1877-1890)"

Dr. Iwan Awaluddin Yusuf
(Specialisation: Journalism studies)
"Representation of Violence Against Women and Girls in Indonesian Mainstream Newspaper Coverage: A Gender-Sensitive Approach to Journalism"

Dr. Anindya Harchowdhury
(Specialisation: Electronic & computing)
"Sparse 3D Sensing and Motion Planning using Nodding LIDAR in Dynamic Environments"

Dr. Viswanath Pamulakanty Sudarshan
(Specialisation: Electrical engineering)
"Learning-Based methods for improved Simultaneous PET-MRI"

Dr. Ahmad Zairi Bin Zaidi
(Specialisation: Computer science)
"Multiple Classifier Systems for Touch-based Continuous Mobile Device Authentication"

Dr. Rebecca Yvonne Hodgetts
(Specialisation: Chemistry)
"Electrochemical synthesis of ammonia at room temperature"

Dr. Manas Ranjan Panda
(Specialisation: Materials engineering)
"Advanced electrodes from 2D Layered Materials for Li- and Na- Storage"

Dr. Xin Zhang
(Specialisation: Economics)
"Three essays on social network using field experiments"

Dr. Yuncheng Hua
(Specialisation: Artificial intelligence)
"Complex Question Answering over Large-scale Knowledge Bases"

Dr. Farzad Parsayi
(Specialisation: Media studies)
"Cult(ural) Elements and Intra-textual Affordances A Study of Cult Video Games"

Dr. Joseph Paul Zilko
(Specialisation: Ecology and evolutionary biology)
"Assessing the scope for genetic rescue of Leadbeater's possum"

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