Thesis including Published Works : Faculty of Science Guidelines

Number of papers

A minimum of ONE paper submitted for publication, accepted OR published.

Chapters in paper format which have NOT been submitted

These are considered ‘traditional thesis chapters’.

A declaration acknowledging author contribution is still required AND must be clearly labelled as Not submitted.


Chapters which have been submitted for publication, accepted, published OR formatted as papers but NOT submitted, require the “Thesis including published works declaration” table to be completed.

This table should NOT be completed for thesis chapters NOT formatted as papers.

NB. If none of the chapters in the thesis have been submitted, accepted for publication OR published, then the thesis is NOT a “Thesis including Published Works”. The thesis can be submitted in paper format with appropriate linking chapters but as a ‘traditional thesis’ using the general declaration.

Sample declaration for non-submitted papers in paper format.

The text below substitutes the table in the “Thesis including published works declaration”.

This thesis also includes (insert number) chapters which have not been submitted for publication. In the case of chapters (insert chapter numbers) my contribution to the work involved the following:

Thesis Chapter

Publication Title

Status (Not submitted/ published/in press/accepted /returned for revision)

Nature and % of student contribution

Co-author name(s) Nature and % of Co-author’s contribution*

Co-author(s), Monash student Y/N*

e.g. 1

Waveforms in systemic arteries

Not submitted

60%. Concept and collecting data and writing first draft

  1. Jane Smith, input into   manuscript 25%
  2. John Dutch, Data   analysis, input into manuscript 15%



e.g. 2

Waveforms in systemic arteries II


60%. Concept and collecting data and writing first draft

  1. Tu   YouYou, input into manuscript 25%
  2. Satoshi   Omura, Data analysis, input into manuscript 15%