4.7 Transfers

4.7 Transfers

Please note: Monash Graduate Research Office (MGRO) will not approve backdated variation requests.

4.7.1 Transfer between part-time and full-time enrolment

Refer to the relevant Regulations.

Doctoral students may be permitted to alter their enrolment status from full-time to part-time or from part-time to full-time.

The head of the academic unit, graduate coordinator or Program Director will be asked to confirm that the student will be able to meet conditions of enrolment, including any coursework and/or training requirements where relevant, for the attendance type requested. See Section 3.5 for more information.
Applications to transfer between part-time and full-time enrolment, supported by the student's main supervisor and the head of the academic unit or graduate coordinator, should be submitted on the Attendance Variation form (Monash only). Applications must be submitted to MGRO for approval.

4.7.2 Transfer between academic units

PhD students may, under certain circumstances, such as a major change in the direction of research or change in the availability of supervision, be permitted to transfer from one academic unit or faculty to another during the course of the enrolment. In such instances, the student must apply for approval from the Graduate Research Committee.

If a student transfers to another academic unit and faculty, the original start date and end date of enrolment will normally apply. If as a result of the transfer a substantial change in research direction occurs an application to extend enrolment may be submitted at the appropriate time.
Applications to transfer between academic units within one faculty should be submitted on the Change of Supervision/Transfer Academic Unit (Monash only). Applications to transfer between faculties should be submitted on the Transfer Application Form.

4.7.3 Transfer between graduate research degrees

Doctoral students may, under certain circumstances, transfer their research to a master's program. The student should first discuss this option with his/her supervisor(s) and head of the academic unit. If a transfer to a master's program is recommended, the student must contact the faculty office and apply to be formally admitted into the master's program.

Where a doctoral student transfers to a research master's program, the student is required to complete the master's degree in which he/she enrols before seeking readmission to a doctoral degree at Monash.

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