Ch 7: Thesis and examination

As of 1 January 2015, the new Graduate Research Progress Managment Policy and accompanying Procedures will come into effect. Please refer to the Monash Policy Bank to view these documents. The Doctoral and Research Master's Handbooks will be updated to reflect these changes in due course.

All students are reminded to refer to the University Handbook for full course details. This chapter is supplementary information pertaining to the examination of doctoral degrees.

7.1 Preparation, presentation and submission of doctoral theses
7.2 Status of student while under examination
7.3 Thesis written in a foreign language
7.4 Staff PhD and MD (unsupervised) students
7.5 Submission of theses
7.6 Appointment of examiners
7.7 Tracking examination
7.8 Assessment of theses
7.9 Examiner's recommendations
7.10 Outcome of the thesis examination
7.11 Thesis archival
7.12 Award of degree
7.13 Advisory panels for doctoral examinations
7.14 Guidelines for reaching a thesis examination outcome in seemingly intractable cases
7.15 Code of practice for the use of merit indicators arising from doctoral examinations

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