7.10 Outcome of the thesis examination

7.10 Outcome of the thesis examination

Where both examiners have recommended a pass, amendments, or a combination of pass and amendments, copies of both reports together with proposed outcomes of the examination will be issued to the student and academic unit.

7.10.1 Pass

The student, department unit and supervisor are advised immediately of the pass result.

7.10.2 Amendments (minor or major)

The students, academic units and supervisors are advised if amendments are required to the thesis to the satisfaction of:

  • Head of academic unit/academic graduate coordinator (major amendments); or
  • Supervisor (minor amendments).

Amendments must be made to all copies of the thesis within one month. When the amended final copy is certified to the satisfaction of the head of the academic unit/academic graduate coordinator and lodged for archival via the Research Repository, the award of the degree will be made.

If an examiner has asked to see the amendments, then the award of degree cannot be made until the examiner has approved the amendments and the head of the academic unit/academic graduate coordinator has subsequently certified that the changes have been made. In this case, students are asked to forward their response to the Monash Graduate Education Examinations Unit together with their supervisor's endorsement. Examiners are usually given three weeks to review responses. The student is notified of the outcome and asked to collect the thesis copies to arrange insertion of amendments once the examiner is satisfied.

7.10.4 Other recommendations

Where there is a significant difference between the recommendations of the two examiners or where an examiner has recommended revision and resubmission of the thesis, an advisory panel will be convened.

Students are issued with copies of the examiners reports upon the receipt of both reports. They are strongly advised to contact their supervisors to discuss the contents of the examiners' reports as appropriate.

Please note that students can only revise and resubmit twice (see Section 7.16.2).

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