7.11 Thesis archival

7.11 Thesis archival

All doctoral students are required to submit a PDF copy of their thesis after examination. Subsequent to the receipt of the examiners reports and any necessary amendments, students must lodge a PDF Thesis. The PDF Thesis will be deposited into the Monash University Research Repository as either open or restricted access.

Students enrolled in Joint Award Programs will also have to meet requirements for copies at the partner institution.

For more information, visit the Monash Research repository.

7.11.1 Access Conditions

The University encourages all students to publish their thesis (make it available as open access) in the Monash University Research Repository so that the worldwide research community will have access to the full text of theses.

It is important students discuss their intentions regarding archival, copyright and IP with their supervisor prior to thesis submission.

There are two types of access for research degrees.  These include:

  1. Open access. The Thesis will be published online (subject to any embargo). The worldwide community will have access to the bibliographical details and the full text of the thesis. You retain copyright but grant Monash University a non-exclusive licence to publish the Thesis in the Monash University Research Repository. You will need to seek permission to reproduce third-party material that would have normally fallen under the fair dealing provisions (see Third Party Copyright Clearance - see item 7.5.5).

  2. Restricted Access. The Thesis will not be published online. The worldwide research community will only have access to the bibliographical details, title, and abstract of the thesis. The Library may supply the full text of the thesis, in whole or in part, to persons for research through institutional document delivery, as permitted under Section 51 (2) of the Australia Copyright Act 1968 (subject to any embargo).

7.11.2 Embargo on thesis access

An embargo is defined as a delay in the release of the thesis for a specified period of time. In most cases, students may apply for a three-year embargo.

Requests for an embargo are subject to the approval of the Graduate Research Committee and will only be approved for the following conditions:

  • To protect information of commercial value
  • To protect patent applications
  • To protect intellectual property
  • To honour pre-existing contractual agreements that require confidentiality
  • To protect individual rights to privacy (eg: cultural sensitivities)

Students must still provide a full text file of their Thesis. The full text of the Thesis will be stored in the Monash University Research Repository and will not be published online. The title and abstract will be publicly available. To retain confidentiality, material may be removed from the abstract of the Thesis.

Students may request a longer embargo than three years through the Graduate Research Committee. Please direct these extended embargo requests to the Research Degrees Examinations Unit .

Upon expiry of an embargo Monash University retains the right to supply the thesis in whole or in part for research or educational purposes, in accordance with the Copyright Act.

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