7.5 Submission of theses

7.5 Submission of theses

7.5.1 Standard submission requirements

The pdf thesis must be submitted via the online thesis submission tool. Two thermal bound copies of the thesis should be submitted to Monash Graduate Education within five working days of confirmation that the online submission has been approved.

Thermal bound theses submission must be made at Monash Graduate Education, Chancellery Building D, 26 Sports Walk, Monash University, Clayton. The office is open 9:00am to 5:00pm on Monday to Friday.

Postal submissions should be couriered to:

Research Thesis Examinations
Monash Graduate Education
Chancellery Building D, Clayton Campus
Monash University, VIC 3800, Australia.

Academic units located at other campuses may provide assistance in forwarding thesis copies to Monash Graduate Education.

7.5.2 Person with a lapsed enrolment

Effective 1 January 2015, a person who is no longer enrolled as a student must complete and submit an Application for Re-Admission form.

The only exceptions are those whose enrolment lapsed between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2014. This cohort may request to submit their thesis for examination without requiring a minimum period of re-admission, as per the Graduate Research Re-Admission Procedures.

If submission under lapsed enrolment is approved, the applicant will be notified via email. Where the GRC determines that the thesis is not ready for submission and the person requires a period of enrolment in order to progress the thesis to submission, a minimum period of re-admission may apply, as per the Graduate Research Re-Admission Procedures.

Any such cases for re-admission will only be considered where the person:

  • Makes a request for re-admission in writing by completing the Request for Re-Admission form;
  • Has the written support of the Head of Academic Unit (or delegate) stating that re-admission is recommended and that supervisory and resource support remains available;
  • Pays any outstanding fees (if applicable)

7.5.3 Certification of theses

The main supervisor will be required to certifying that the research and writing embodied in the thesis are that of the student, except where otherwise acknowledged in the thesis, that the thesis is properly presented, does not exceed the maximum word length and is worthy of examination, and, in the case of a doctoral thesis, demonstrates the capacity of the student to carry out independent research.

In the event that a supervisor is unable to certify that a thesis is properly presented and/or worthy of examination, written comments detailing the supervisor’s concern must be provided.  The student will be given the right to be heard before a decision is reached regarding the dispatch of the thesis to examiners.

The main supervisor is also required review and approve the 100 words maximum summary of the thesis.

This synopsis will appear in the graduation program. It should contain a description of the research and its results, emphasising the practical value and/or significance of the work where appropriate. The language used needs to be simple and direct so the graduation audience may appreciate the type of research that has been conducted and why it is important. Research and employment overlapping

Where appropriate, a statement should be included in the thesis which explains the difficulty in separating paid work undertaken for a group or collaborative project from the work which may contribute, even indirectly, to the student's own work for the doctorate. The statement should address:

  • the relationship between the thesis as a finished and authored work and the research context (team/collaborative project) in which the research may have been undertaken; and
  • the levels of indebtedness to the background research, including if necessary some description of the work undertaken in parallel to the thesis.

7.5.4 Copyright and Licence

The Student/Author retains copyright in their thesis but provides Monash University a non-exclusive license to publish the thesis under the terms and conditions of the Author agreement. This means that the student retains the right to publish the thesis elsewhere.

By selecting open access the Student/Author grants Monash University a non-exclusive worldwide licence to reproduce, publish and communicate the thesis or any part of the thesis online using any technology, whether existing before or after the date of this Licence, for research purposes for the full remaining term of the copyright subsisting in the thesis in each applicable jurisdiction. The Student/Author grants to Monash University permission to make technical changes to the format of the thesis as necessary for online publication and future preservation. When exercising any of the Rights Granted under the Author Agreement, Monash University agrees to provide appropriate acknowledgement of the Author as creator of the thesis. When using the thesis for any other purposes, the Student/Author agrees to acknowledge, if applicable, that a version of the thesis has been published online by Monash University.

Monash University will cease to provide open access to the full text version of the thesis if requested by the Student/Author or a publisher in instances where a thesis is accepted for publication elsewhere. Monash University retains the right to supply the unpublished thesis in whole or in part for research or educational purposes, in accordance with the Copyright Act.

7.5.5 Third Party Copyright Clearance

If the student is intending to publish online via the Monash University Research Repository , permission needs to be sought for the online publication of any significant third-party content within the thesis. Significant third-party content may include, but is not limited to, published or unpublished pictures, figures, tables and text excerpts larger than one percent of an entire text source work. Permission is also required for adaptations of a work.

The student may be required to provide evidence of permissions obtained when requested by the University. It is therefore recommended that a record is kept of all communications with the copyright holders/publishers.

If any permission remains outstanding at the time the thesis is submitted for examination, the student may be required to submit an updated copyright clearance prior to the degree being awarded.

Students publishing in the open part of the Research Repository are required to add two copyright notices to the front of the thesis prior to lodgement. These notices can appear in the preliminary pages; see template for details.

The first notice aims to protect the thesis from unauthorised use.

Notice 1

© The author (insert year).

The second notice certifies the appropriate use of any third-party material in the thesis. Students choosing to deposit their thesis into the restricted access section of the repository are not required to complete Notice 2.

Notice 2

© The author (insert year).

I certify that I have made all reasonable efforts to secure copyright permissions for third-party content included in this thesis and have not knowingly added copyright content to my work without the owner's permission.

Irrespective of these outcomes all students should be advised they have a responsibility to use and cite the work of others appropriately.

For more detailed information visit the Copyright website.

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