2.4 Transfer

2.4 Degree or institution transfer

2.4.1 Transfer from master’s to PhD, or professional doctorate

A student  undertaking a research master’s degree, including MPhil, may apply to transfer  to doctoral enrolment.

Please see Section  7: Application for transfer from a Research Masters to PhD of the Graduate  Research Progress Management Procedures for information.
Since it is  assumed that the scope of the research topic is substantially broadened while  remaining essentially unchanged, doctoral enrolment is backdated to  the commencement date of the master’s enrolment. Research master’s  students considering a transfer to doctoral enrolment are required to  undertake any program requirements of the relevant doctoral  degree.

In exceptional circumstances, a coursework master’s student who has  demonstrated a capacity to undertake graduate research, either by completing a  substantial part of the master’s minor thesis, or by providing equivalent  evidence of research experience or competence, may be allowed to transfer to  doctoral enrolment. In this case, doctoral enrolment is  backdated to the commencement of the research component of the master’s degree.

Students  should discuss the academic unit and faculty requirements for  confirmation/transfer, including any program  requirements, with their supervisor and/or graduate research coordinator  before commencing the transfer process.

(See Appendix J in  this handbook for further information on any faculty-specific transfer requirements.)

Where a student commences studies in a Research Masters degree and then  transfers to a Research Doctorate, the student is entitled to a maximum of four  years full-time equivalent study, including the time enrolled in the Research  Masters degree

2.4.2 Transfer from one doctoral program to another

Students may  also apply to transfer from one doctoral degree to another, for example from a  professional doctorate to PhD. In these cases, students are advised to  undertake the program requirements that are  relevant to the degree into which they are transferring.

The student is entitled to a maximum of four years full-time equivalent study,  including the time enrolled in the doctoral program from which they are  transferring.

2.4.3 Transfer from another institution

When a  doctoral student transfers from another institution, the period of time  available to complete the research is determined on a case-by-case basis. For  example:

  • students who transfer with their supervisor and with no  break in the continuity of the research will have the total period of research  at the prior institution used to calculate the end date  of enrolment at Monash University
  • students who retain their original research topic, but  change supervisor, will have the period of Monash  University enrolment reviewed on a case-by-case basis
  • students who take up both a new topic and a new  supervisor will have no prior enrolment taken into account, and the  normal period of enrolment will apply
  • students who are currently enrolled in a doctoral degree  with a coursework component will generally have the period of research and not  the period of coursework at the prior institution used to calculate the end  date of enrolment.

Students  will only be approved to transfer where they are able to undertake a minimum 12 months of full time enrolment, or the  equivalent period of part-time enrolment, at the University.
These  students will be expected to undertake the program requirements relevant  to the degree into which they are transferring, unless credit has been granted  by the Program Director and/or the Graduate Research Committee (GRC). See Section  2.3.

Where a transfer occurs, Monash University will be required to obtain details regarding the student’s enrolment while enrolled with the previous Higher Education Provider (HEP) so that the student’s prior candidature can be determined.

Students on a RTP Fees Offset and/or RTP Stipend at the previous Higher Education Provider (HEP) will be assessed in accordance with the University’s Conditions of Award.

2.4.4 Readmission to a degree program at the same level

Applications  for re-admission into the same degree are subject to the provisions as outlined  in the Graduate  Research Re-Admission Procedures.

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