2.8 Admission and commencement

2.8 Admission and commencement

2.8.1 Initial enrolment

Offers of doctoral enrolment are made by Monash Graduate Education on behalf of the Graduate Research Committee (GRC). Intending  internal students are required to come to Monash Graduate Education on Clayton campus  to complete the enrolment procedures. Intending internal students who are not  able to report to Clayton campus to enrol should contact Monash Graduate Education to  make alternative arrangements (see Chapter 11 for contact details). Enrolment information  will be forwarded to external applicants (those who will pursue their research  at institutions or locations outside their approved campus of enrolment), who  will be enrolled off-campus.

Note: Students will be  responsible for booking into any  activities required as part of program requirements.

Following enrolment,  students will be issued with a student identity card, which will include  their student number and brief details of enrolment. The student card is  required for use in the library and for other University services, including  24-hour access to the Graduate Research Centre.
Prospective students are expected to enrol at  a time prior to the proposed commencement of enrolment. The following  enrolment procedures apply:

  • PhD students enrol at Monash Graduate Education, following consultation with  their supervisor
  • DPH and DPsych  students enrol at the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences  research office
  • SJD students enrol at  the Faculty of Law research office.

Note  that a separate registration process applies to higher doctorate students.

2.8.2 Deferring commencement

Any  application for a deferment of the offer of enrolment must be submitted in  writing to Monash Graduate Education. Deferment, if approved, may be for a maximum of  one year only.

Offers of enrolment lapse if the prospective student does not enrol and/or has not sought  and been granted a deferment.

2.8.3 Commencement date of enrolment

The starting date (as stated on the offer letter) for enrolment will be as follows:

  • for applicants  transferring enrolment from a research master's to PhD: the date of  commencement of master's enrolment; or
  • for international  students applying from overseas: the date of enrolment; or
  • for Australian citizens  and permanent residents: the date recommended by the head of department or  academic unit, subject to faculty and GRC approval; or
  • for applicants  transferring enrolment from another institution: a new commencement date of  research at Monash University, but the total period of enrolment available  will be negotiated.

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