After accepting your offer to join the Monash research community, you must formally enrol.

Details of the enrolment process you need to follow are provided in your letter of offer.

International research candidates complete their enrolment once they have arrived on campus.

Conditions of offer

You should read your offer letter thoroughly, taking careful note of any conditions you need to meet at the time of your enrolment.
Most commonly, these conditions require you to provide documentation, required to complete the enrolment process.

These documents may include:

  • proof of citizenship – international candidates will need to provide their passport with a valid visa that entitles them to study in Australia
  • transcripts of qualifications, showing completion – if the transcript is not presented in English, then authorised translations are also required
  • evidence of English proficiency, such as an IELTS test result that meets Monash’s  requirements
  • evidence of withdrawal from another university.

You will need to provide original or certified copies of these documents.

Photocopies of original or certified copies are not acceptable – you will not be able to enrol without proper documents.

Forms you will receive

The following forms are included in your offer pack:

  • intellectual property
  • ethical research practices
  • course enrolment form (if you are required to enrol in any additional coursework units).

The intellectual property and ethical research practices forms are completed in consultation with your supervisor. Once you have your offer, you should make an appointment to see your supervisor to discuss your commencement and complete these forms.