Welcome to Monash!

You should be proud that you have been accepted to join our vibrant, research-intensive community – we are a university in high demand, so just by getting the opportunity to join us has marked you out from the crowd.

Now you are ready to begin your research at Monash.

To assist with your integration into the Monash community and, in the case of international students, Australian life, we have developed a structured program of orientation activities conducted each semester.

The services, facilities and resources available to research students differ markedly from those available to other students, so attendance is strongly recommended for all, even if you have studied at Monash previously.

MGE welcomes you

Monash Graduate Education (MGE) in association with the Monash Postgraduate Association, coordinates Monash-wide orientation sessions for all research students.

Researchers will be officially welcomed to the University and the role and responsibility of MGE outlined, including information on grievance and appeals processes.

Staff from key service providers, such as the Library and Health, Wellbeing and Development will also present overviews of both the academic and non-academic support services available at Monash.

These sessions offer you an opportunity to meet research staff and other research candidates from within your research area, and in the case of the central orientation sessions, from across Monash.

The creation of professional and social networks promotes a sense of belonging and assists the process of academic engagement – all of which can help in the timely completion of the research thesis and development of your research career. We strongly encourage you to participate in each level of the orientation process.

Attend faculty orientation

Further information is provided through a wide range of faculty/departmental orientation sessions.

These sessions will provide you with more detailed information on key faculty research requirements, such as confirmation, mid-candidature reviews and pre-submission presentations.

These sessions often also provide information on facilities and services, such as any faculty seminar/workshop series, social activities, and introduce you to key faculty personnel and subject librarians.

Meet your team

Some departments also hold orientation sessions for new research students. These sessions cover important information, best discussed at the local level.

Departments are best placed to help you engage with your new intellectual community and induct you into your academic workplace.

If you will be working in studios or laboratories, they will provide occupational health and safety information.