Commencing your degree in Australia

The Monash website has a whole section devoted to international students to help you arrive, settle in, enrol and make the most of your time with us.

It covers everything from preparing to leave to commencing your studies. You’ll find information on Australia’s cost of living, your accommodation options and the English, counselling, financial, medical and other support services available to you.

The information is presented in the order of the steps you’re likely to follow before and after arriving.

But, as a research student, make sure you take one particularly important step. Once you’re here and before you enrol, contact your supervisor to discuss beginning your research and filling out the important intellectual property and ethical research practices forms, which must be submitted when you enrol.

The following quick links include the steps and important information you need to know to begin your research career at Monash.

Preparing to leave – includes information on cost of living, accommodation options and booking your airport reception.

Arriving in Australia – includes information on opening a bank account, finalising your accommodation, your transport options and finding work.

Meet your supervisor before enrolling – this is when you need to visit to your faculty to meet your supervisor, who will help you fill out the Intellectual Property and Ethical Practice forms ahead of submitting them when enrolling. Visit your faculty website, or search your supervisor’s name, if you don’t already have contact details.

Enrolment and orientation – this information will help you prepare for major events on your pre-commencement calendar, including contacting your faculty, which is likely to have special enrolment and orientation sessions for its research students.

Identifying services for international students – as soon as you’ve found your bearings, get in contact with any of the many services you might need to feel comfortable in your new home.

Other useful links


Find a school for your children – children aged five to 12 years old must be enrolled in school for the length of their stay in Australia.

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