If you didn't get a scholarship

We have earned an international reputation for research with impact that extends beyond academic rankings and awards and reaches into the lives of people around the world. As a result, demand for our centrally-managed research places and supporting scholarship opportunities is very high.

If you were unlucky in your research scholarship application, you have other options.

Apply again

Unsuccessful applicants can reapply in the next scholarship round. You can copy an existing application rather than create a new one. Instructions on how to do this are in our step-by-step guide. If you need further assistance, please contact us online.

You should contact your academic unit and/or faculty to discuss an application prior to resubmitting it.

Get feedback

Each academic unit and faculty is responsible for ranking its applicants. If you were unsuccessful, you need to contact the academic unit and/or faculty you applied through for feedback on your application.

Commence a research degree without a scholarship

Unsuccessful applicants are required to log into the research degree and scholarship online application page, using their applicant ID number and password to confirm if they want Monash to continue to process their admission application.

Other options within Monash

If you do not qualify for our centrally-awarded scholarships, you have other opportunities to gain support for your research program at Monash.

For example, most faculties offer both living allowance and tuition awards to students who may have narrowly missed out on a scholarship in the central selection rounds.

Academic departments also offer scholarships throughout the year, including Monash Departmental Scholarships or Monash Research Scholarships. These are funded through research grants and other outside sources.