Prepare your documents

You need to provide supporting documentation when applying for a research degree or scholarship with us, including:

transcripts of all your tertiary qualifications
evidence, such as IELTS test results, that you meet our English language requirements
citizenship documents.

Electronic submission of documents

Our online application form will prompt you to upload scanned copies of these documents.

You can upload the following types of documents:

  • text documents
    • portable document formats (.pdf, .rtf)
    • MS-Word (.doc, .docx)
    • text files (.txt)
  • images (.jpg, .jpeg, .tiff, .tif, .bmp, .png)
  • zipfile (.zip) if you need to upload multiple documents against a single item for uploading as a single file.

Having all your documents in a format ready to attach and upload when applying online will make the process easier.
But you can complete the process over multiple sessions if you do not have all documents ready at the one time.

Incomplete documents

Some of your supporting documents may be incomplete at the time you lodge your submission – for example, you may not have received your final-year results.

You can upload later versions of supporting documents after you have made your submission through the online application system.

Application support forms you could need

Monash Equity Scholarship Supplementary Form

External Enrolment Details Form

Nomination Of Agent Form

Original documents

Original documents must be preserved and provided to Monash prior to enrolment for validation.