Australian Sanctions Compliance Policy

Sanctioned Countries

The sanctioned countries subject to Australian Sanctions Laws are identified in the link below. Consider each of the persons/entities involved in the arrangement/project, including student and sponsor, research collaborator and recipient of information from the research activity when considering if an arrangement/project involves a sanctioned country.

The latest list of sanctioned countries is available on the Monash University Australian Sanctions Compliance webpage.

Prohibited Persons and Entities

Australian Sanctions Laws list persons and entities with whom certain dealings are prohibited. 

The consolidated list of prohibited persons/entities can be found online.

Arms and Arms Related Material

In this Form, references to arms or arms related material covers: weapons, ammunition, military vehicles and equipment, spare parts or accessories and paramilitary equipment.

Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs

Knowledge of a specific weapon of mass destruction program is not required to form a belief/suspicion.

Monash University Sanctions Compliance Policy

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