Qualification equivalencies

We have procedures for determining if a qualification meets our minimum entrance requirements. Qualifications and/or research experience that a faculty considers equivalent to an Australian first-class honours (H1) degree may be assessed for equivalence.

The following qualifications require such an assessment:

  • bachelor’s degree with second or third-class honours as the highest qualification
  • research master’s preliminary degree without a formal grade
  • research master’s degree without a formal grade
  • coursework master’s degree
  • graduate diploma
  • most overseas qualifications (but some qualifications from selected overseas institutions are accepted by Monash as automatically equivalent).

In deciding whether your qualifications satisfy research degree entry or scholarship eligibility, a panel of academic staff consider your:

academic record – for example, the overall grade or grade-point average (GPA) of your qualifications; the grade of the research component and its percentage of your overall program; your thesis examiner reports (where available); coursework unit results; the extent to which units relate to acquisition of research skills; and percentage of coursework in your overall program(s)

research output – refereed publications, such as books, journal articles, conference proceedings, reports and working papers, including, where relevant, title, number of pages, number of authors and percentage contributed by the applicant, and publication status (that is, accepted, in press or published)

prior research experience – the nature and extent of research undertaken during relevant work experience. It is important to detail your research output and relevant research experience when completing your research degree application.

Scholarship applicants cannot apply directly to the Monash Graduate Research Office for H1E consideration. This task is undertaken by the academic unit and faculty after the scholarship application closing date. The academic unit will use the information provided in the on-line application to make the case for H1 Equivalence.