Master of Philosophy and research master’s degrees

A research master's degree at Monash lets you join the global conversation about the most prominent theories and ideas in your field through the independent investigation of research questions that you have formulated.

We offer a two-year Master of Philosophy (MPhil) that can be great preparation for doctoral-level research.

In addition, we have a suite of research master’s degrees of a similar duration. Each of our 10 faculties offer a range of research options, so take the time to have a look at all they have to offer.

Upon completion of your MPhil or research master’s degree, you are required to submit a thesis for assessment. In certain disciplines, creative work or performance may also form part of the thesis.

Many MPhil and research master’s degree candidates find it possible to deepen and extend the scope of their research and transition into a four-year PhD. You can find out more about making the transition to a PhD in the Handbook for Research Master's Degrees.