Professional and higher doctorates

Professional doctorates

Professional doctorates target the advancement of professional practice through a combination of advanced study and research. A professional doctorate will help you build professional expertise and provide you with specialist knowledge.

The research component of these degrees also provides research training which culminates in the production of a thesis that contributes new information or new ways of understanding in the field of research.

Higher doctorates

A Higher Doctorate is awarded for work that makes an original, substantial and distinguished contribution to knowledge to a faculty specific field of knowledge. It's It is of a greater academic standing than a master's by research or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree.

Work submitted for the degree normally comprises publications that have appeared as books or papers in scholarly journals that are then presented in the form of a thesis. The degree will give you authoritative standing in your field.

Admission to a higher doctorate is generally limited to Monash graduates of not less than seven years standing and Monash academic staff or individuals who have had a close research association with Monash for not less than six consecutive years.

Application form

Further information can be found in the Handbook for Doctoral Degrees.