Course fees

The Australian Government's RTP Fees Offset covers course fees for research students who are Australian or New Zealand citizens or Australian permanent residents for the specified duration of their course.

If you're an international research candidate, check the scholarship eligibility section to see if you're eligible for a Monash International Postgraduate Scholarship or other award that covers course fees.

Otherwise, international students should check the tuition fees payable for their course in Course Finder

If you're an international student with a sponsor, who is providing you with a fee paying scholarship, you need to provide a letter of financial guarantee from your sponsor upon acceptance of your offer. This letter should provide details of all the costs that your sponsor will cover and indicate the duration of the scholarship.

If your scholarship is shorter than the duration of the course in which you are enrolled, you will be liable for course fees when your scholarship ends.

International candidates without a sponsor must pay a deposit equivalent to one semester's fees when accepting their offer.

Family discounts on course fees

You might be entitled to a 10 per cent family discount on our course fees if you have a brother or sister studying at Monash.

English-language course fees

Find out about English language courses and their fees at Monash College.

Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)

The amount of SSAF that research students pay depends on their annual research load. Find out more.

Compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

All international research students, or their sponsors, must purchase this health cover for the period of their visa upon acceptance of their offer.

Your International Student Course Agreement (ISCA) will specify the amount payable. Check out the policy and current OSHC fees schedule

If your OSHC is not covered by your scholarship, you must pay the amount payable (as stated in your ISCA). If your scholarship only covers Single OSHC, and you require Dual Family or Multi Family, you must pay the difference in the amount payable.

Refund of fees

You might be entitled to a fees refund in certain circumstances. Find out what they are and how to apply.