Residential scholarships

Many of our graduate research students, especially those who have travelled from overseas, choose to live on campus while studying.  The benefits of living close to the centre of your working world include easy access to your supervisors and our world-class research equipment.

Monash Residential Services' (MRS) provides care, support and enrichment for all members of our academic community who live on campus.

We offer 5 residential scholarships annually to graduate research students to help meet the cost of living on campus.  The scholarship entitles you to an annual $1,200 rental rebate, payable in ten monthly installments.

Am I eligible?

Selection is based on your academic record, including research output such as publications.  You must also be:

  • a current, full-time graduate research student, enrolled at a Monash campus in Australia, and
  • have been a prior resident with Monash Residential Services in the previous year for at least six months,
  • a current resident with Monash Residential Services, and
  • must apply to MRS for accommodation in the following year by 31st October.

What is the closing date?

Applications will close on 31st January each year.  Applications may be considered after this date and, if awarded, the scholarship may be offered on a pro rata basis.

How can I apply?

The application form is available from the MGE Forms page. (Monash only)


All enquiries can be sent to