Our people

The Human in the Loop Analytics (HiLA) GRIP personnel are comprised of the following members.

HiLA executive committee

Tim Dwyer

Assoc Prof Tim Dwyer


Computer-Human Interaction and Creativity
Faculty of Information Technology

Associate Professor Tim Dwyer directs the Immersive Analytics research group in the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT), which is Australia’s foremost data visualisation research group (by publication, patent and industry track record) and among the top 5 such labs in the world. Tim Dwyer joined Monash as a Larkins Fellow in 2012 from Microsoft, USA; where he incorporated results of his network visualisation research into Microsoft’s development tools, used by millions of software developers globally. He is Australia’s most highly published and cited data visualisation researcher with 2,164 citations and he has an h-index of 29 (Google Scholar 14/6/18). He is a leader in Information Visualisation research globally, with program and steering committee chair roles in the premier visualisation conferences and is Associate Editor for IEEE Trans. Visualisation and Computer Graphics journal. He currently supervises 6 PhD students, has three completions, with three more to complete in 2018. Since 2013 his research has attracted $2M in funding from industry and ARC. He is currently Associate Dean of External Engagement for FIT.
Fang Lee Cooke

Fang Lee Cooke



Fang Lee Cooke has been involved in over 30 funded research projects (overall $4.5 million). She has been a lead or co-applicant for successful grant applications funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC, UK); Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (UK); European Social Fund; National Sciences Foundation of China; National Social Sciences Foundation of China; National Social Sciences Foundation of China; International Labour Organisation; European Foundation, etc. She has extensive experience in collaborating on research projects and joint student supervision in an international context, with collaborators from Australia, US, UK, Germany, China, Japan, South Korea, India, South Africa, etc. Cooke has strong expertise in human resource management, technological innovation, skill development. Cooke has published 87 journal articles and three research monographs. As of 5th June 2018, her H-index is 40, total citation 4,758. Cooke is a co-applicant of an ESRC Centre: O’Reilly, J., Dickens, N., Stuart, M, Cooke, F. L. (submitted March 2018), ‘Digital futures at work (Dig.IT Futures@Work)’, the Economic and Social Research Council, £7.9 million. Cooke has been involved in the successful completion of 16 PhD students.
Melissa Castan

Melissa Castan

Faculty Representative

Castan Centre for Human Rights Law
Faculty of Law

Associate Professor Melissa Castan is Deputy Director of the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law in the Faculty of Law. Her work addresses the relationship between law, rights and identity, particularly regarding vulnerable communities and has led to regulatory reform in Australian states and territories, and generated collaborations in Indonesia, New Zealand and North America.
Melissa has advised Federal Government on legal uses of data and algorithmic design and the protections or challenges relating to human rights and public policy considerations. Melissa’s landmark book on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights has 546 citations. Melissa has an h-index of 10, one of the highest in the Law Faculty (Google Scholar). She currently supervises 2 PhD students with 7 completions. Since 2011 her research has attracted over $1.7M in funding from industry, government and the ARC. She is National Editor of the Alternative Law Journal, holds a Monash Education Fellowship Award (2016), is the Director of Equity and Social Inclusion in the Law Faculty, and a Board Member of the Victorian Law Foundation.
Nao Tsuchiya

Nao Tsuchiya (MNHS)

Faculty Representative

Psychology, Office of Learning and Teaching

Associate Professor Nao Tsuchiya joined Monash in 2012 as an Associate Professor at the School of Psychological Sciences. His research outputs include 63 peer-reviewed papers, including articles at the high-profile journals (e.g., Science, Nature Neuroscience, PNAS, eLife, Current Biology). According to Google Scholar, the total citation is 4,066 with h-index of 24. He has received $6.6M ($2.5 as a CIA) grant, including an industrial contract with a Japanese venture AI company, Araya. At Monash, his first PhD student commenced in 2013, who completed in 2017. Two co-supervised PhD completed in 2018. Tsuchiya currently supervises 8 PhD students, three of which will submit the thesis this year.
Kris Ryan

Kris Ryan (OLT)

OLT Representative

Professor Kris Ryan is the academic director, education innovation at Monash University, leading a team integrating education technology, learning space design and education expertise to support our students’ learning across the university. Professor Ryan has national recognition for his learning and teaching approach, has led course reviews in Engineering, and has collaboratively led major initiatives including the design and construction of the Monash Learning and Teaching Building and the introduction of learning analytics tools across the university.
Tom Drummond

Tom Drummond (Eng)

Faculty Representative

Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

Ross Pearson

Ross Pearson

GRIP Program Manager

Ross Pearson is a digital supply chain transformation leader that has been the technical lead for telecommunications and mining transformations. A delivery specialist, Ross ensures that large projects and transformation implementations are realised and is currently working for Monash as Program Manager for the GRIP HILA Program. Ross is also working towards a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.