Internship Profiles

Applying mathematical optimisation to the energy industry


For Dora, the industry experience was an opportunity to apply her expertise in mathematical optimisation and computer science skills to a real-world problem.

Dora said of her experience, “Throughout my internship, I learnt that technical skills are important, but the soft skills to deliver outcomes successfully are just as crucial. I believe the experience will support my career in both industry and academic sectors.

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Data Analysis Streamlines Future Commuting

Tri Ky Nguyen

Tri’s Academic Mentor, transport modelling expert Professor Hai Vu, guided Tri in applying academic expertise to this industry challenge. The pair filled knowledge gaps in a new transport model and developed a prototype algorithm supporting core mechanic changes.

Tri said of his experience, "I got to transfer my theoretical knowledge to a real-world situation, something that is extremely meaningful in terms of bridging the gap between the academic field and industry."

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