Student administration for supervisors

The Monash Graduate Research Office Operations Team is committed to support you, our supervisors, as much as our research students.

We have developed some tools and strategies to support you through the student lifecycle.

Getting your student started

Starting a graduate research degree can be quite involved for both applicants and supervisors.  The following information can help guide you and your future students through the early stages.

Guiding your students’ research

Integral to effective supervision is being able to provide guidance and support to your students throughout their candidature. The following can assist you to manage your students’ progress.

Preparing for your student's thesis examination

The lead up to thesis submission can be particularly stressful for our students. Below we have highlighted some activities that need to be considered before thesis submission to ensure this time runs as smooth as possible.

Other ways to support your students

We are here to support you and your student as much as we can. Below are some other ways you can directly and indirectly support your students.