Student administration for supervisors

The Monash Graduate Research Office Operations Team is committed to support you, our supervisors, as much as our research students.

Getting your student started

Starting a graduate research degree can be quite involved for both applicants and supervisors.  The following information can help guide you and your future students through the early stages.

Our Applying with us page is an important resource for both applicants and supervisors. Here applicants can check their eligibility, review faculty specific Expression of Interest (EOI) processes and find information on our many scholarships opportunities.

It is important to note that once your potential future student has been successful in obtaining an Offer of Admission, they will need to respond within strict timelines as indicated within their offer. It is also important to note that an Offer of Scholarship is not an automatic Offer of Admission.

Once your student has accepted their offer, they may have conditions that they need to meet before they can enrol. For all students however, there are number of steps that are required to undertaken to be able to start their enrolment.  Our Enrolling with us page provides information on what is required.

Ethics approval and copyright clearances are required to be maintained throughout your students’ studies.

An IP and Ethics declaration is completed by your student during enrolment, of which you will be required to approve. This form can be resubmitted at any time should circumstances change.

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Guiding your students’ research

Integral to effective supervision is being able to provide guidance and support to your students throughout their candidature. The following can assist you to manage your students’ progress.

We recommend maintaining a schedule of regular contact with your student, whether in person or remotely. Our advice would be every two weeks for full-time students and at least monthly for part-time.

A clear and detailed research timeline will assist your students to progress in a consistent and timely manner.
We have provided you with a template to support you and your student in setting these important deadlines and goals. If for any reason your students’ research is disrupted or is not progressing, you may wish to consider their candidature options (such as leave or extensions), or if necessary, communicate your concerns directly to the student using the resources available to you.

Milestones are designed to support and facilitate your student's progress towards thesis submission. Each milestones requirements are defined by your student's stage of research and may include conditions specific to their discipline. It is important as a supervisor to ensure that your students are prepared for these crucial opportunities for structured feedback.

Our Doctoral Handbook provides further information on managing your students milestones. You may also wish to familarise yourself with our Progress Management Policy and Procedures.

A checklist for undertaking milestone reviews during COVID-19 is available for Milestone Review Panel Chairs. This form may be used by the Panel Chair to help speak to students and their supervisory teams about research progress in the context of COVID-19.

For further information around setting up your students' milestone meeting and further requirements, please contact your Faculty Graduate Research Office.

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Preparing for your student's thesis examination

The lead up to thesis submission can be particularly stressful for our students. Below we have highlighted some activities that need to be considered before thesis submission to ensure this time runs as smooth as possible.

If you are a main supervisor, it is your responsibility to contact and nominate examiners for your student’s thesis. We recommend commencing this process 4-6 weeks prior to thesis submission. Please familiarise yourself with our examination pages where you can also find an examiner invitation template and guidelines.

All thesis submissions are lodged online. Once your student has completed their submission, you will be contacted to review their submission and input any additional relevant information (such as examiner details and the Monash Chair of Examiners). Note that your students submission is not considered final until you have completed and submitted your Supervisor Statement [link].

Examination generally takes around 8 weeks. Once all examiner reports are received, we will distribute these to you and your student. If there are any examiner recommendations, your student may amend their thesis with your support and guidance before resubmitting.

Our examination pages are an excellent resource for information regarding completion of a students degree.

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Other ways to support your students

We are here to support you and your student as much as we can. Below are some other ways you can directly and indirectly support your students.

There are a range of awards and grants your students may be eligible for during their candidature and following thesis submission.  Note that for some of these awards your students are to apply, where others require you, as their supervisor, to nominate them.

As you well know, undertaking a research degree can at times be stressful for our students. Monash offers a variety of wellbeing and support programs that you and your student may like to familiarise yourselves with.

Variations to a students candidature or scholarship are managed by the Monash Graduate Research Office and can be requested by your student online.

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